BOOM! : Maddy Storm ‘Silver Line’

Having recently released her new single ‘Silver Line’ mystical art rocker Maddy Storm is set to perform on the 20th of this month at Jimmy’s NQ, Manchester. Expecting a tour in March to accompany the creative success of the release, a prevalent space in the industry is assumed for the Manchester based musician.

GIGsoup caught up with the sultry musician to talk about her new single.

Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Maddy Storm & I reside in Manchester. My music could be referred to as Art Rock but I liken it to a moonlight bathed joy ride through the desert. I am accompanied by my band; The Mafia Wives, a collection of Manchester’s finest musicians, and together we bring my visions to life. 

When and why did you start writing music?

I have always been singing since I can remember and I was brought up listening to the likes of Kate Bush and artists that experiment such as Madonna. I got to a point in my early adolescence where I just felt the need to start writing my own music. So at the age of around thirteen I started to teach myself some chords on the guitar as a way to accompany myself. This developed over time and I have most definitely honed my craft but it has always started at a point of wanting to express myself. We all have something to say, we just use different mediums to share it- I happen to have felt inclined towards songwriting. I used to write poetry and I feel this was a large part of my process too.

What motivates you to write? Is it your own personal story telling?

Motivation can arise is many different forms. Song writing is my main form of expression so it does often stem from my own personal thoughts and stories. However, I find inspiration more often than not in things I see, read or hear such as a film, a book or a conversation that I overhear.

What’s been the most enjoyable part of piecing together your new single?

I’d have to say just seeing my vision come together, from an idea to a finished work. It’s rewarding to work with other extremely talented musicians during the process also, creating layers to the track and giving it the extra depth

‘Silver Line’ seems to have a very direct message. Can you give GIGsoup any background on the song?

I always like to make my lyrics somewhat ambiguous so that the listener can place their own meaning on the song.  The chorus lyric ‘Maybe I’m not the one to carry on’ is direct in a sense and I wrote it out of a place of tension but it can be viewed in both a positive and negative light- maybe not carrying on is a good thing for some people.

Kate Bush is a known influence of yours, what was the first song you heard of hers?

Kate Bush has had a profound influence on me, in my opinion she is one of the best artists of all time. The way that she portrays herself and her music, the whole way she carries herself is beautiful. I can’t pinpoint the first time I heard a Kate Bush record for the first time as her music has been in my life longer than I can remember but I have fond memories of listening to her The Whole Story album on car journeys. I think her first album, The Kick Inside will always be one of my favourite albums.

Storm’s new single is available to stream now.