BOOM! : Madden ‘Echo’

Norwegian singer-songwriter Madden has made an uplifting comeback with his latest single ‘Echo‘.

The first impression is one of a track that will fit very comfortably in a festival’s dance tent.  With a clear summer vibe and over 100 million streams online, this single has certainly been well received thus far.

Featuring Chris Holston on vocals and sought after co-writers Zak Abel and Andreas Moe, the track emits a professional aura that the current club scene clambers for.

To hear the single’s release from Madden’s perspective GIGsoup had the privilege of asking him a few questions…

Thanks so much for agreeing to talk to us! Firstly, you must be over the moon with your latest single ‘Echo’! It has already clocked up over 200k plays on Spotify in just over a week, so congratulations on that.

Thanks, man! Really happy about that!

Do you have anything to say to people who may be listening to your music for the first time?

Thanks for listening! This is some of the music I like to make, hope you can get some good moments and stories from it.  

I see that you have enlisted chart topping singer Chris Holston for vocals. What urged you to choose him, and what was it like working with him on ‘Echo’?

I first heard Chris on a song that was released some years back, think he was 17 years at the time. I Remember, I thought that I really liked the sound of his voice, and that I hoped I’d do some music with him one day. So it was great being able to finally do a song together. We spent a whole day in the studio recording the vocals for ‘Echo’ and both of us had a great time balling back and forth, just trying out ways to get to the core of the song

Where did the inspiration come from for this single? It sounds very upbeat, so I presume it must have been influenced by positive memories and events?

It started out as a song about lost love, and sounded more introspective at first. During the period it was made, it changed a bit, so even though it’s still a love story, it has more of a positive feel to it. Like trying to say that you can look back at love, friendship and relationships with thankfulness. And that even though life always moves on, people will always be connected by stories they share with each other, and that can be a very nice thought at times.

We’ve seen that Zak Abel and Andreas Moe helped with writing this single. What was it like writing with artists who have worked with the likes of Avicci and Gorgon City?

Amazing! Zak, Andreas and producer/writer Kid Joki are all massively talented musicians and writers. They have one key trait in common: they approach new songs with openness and loads of musicality. I think that’s part of why big acts like the ones mentioned keep turning to them when writing new music. They’re great dudes too.

Are you planning on doing any live shows in support of this single, and your others released in 2017? If so, where will they take you?

Yeah, I’m doing some shows over here in Norway this summer, and with more songs out, there will hopefully be more concerts this fall! I’d love to go abroad and perform the music as well.    

It is clear that people are liking your music; you’re a huge hit on music streaming sites. Can we expect any more music from you anytime soon?

Thanks dude! Yeah, I know that’s taken me really by surprise too, I just feel really fortunate to have had such a good start, I guess. I’m writing new material at the moment, but I’m not sure when it will be released, and how it will sound. I’m kind of still in a process of exploring what I want my music to communicate. Always really excited about releasing new music once it’s there though, so hopefully it won’t be too long.

Lastly, think of the question you that you wanted me to ask you. Answer that for me please.

Yes, I do believe we are going to put people on Mars in 20 years. Yes, they’ll need music too!