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BOOM! : M O S E S ‘King Size’

With an annoyingly difficult name to search on Google, M O S E S have gone the traditional route to success instead of becoming a social media brand. Near constant touring, writing and recording tuneful pop songs dressed up and delivered like alt rock anthems they are gaining traction now. Their latest offering ‘King Size’ is no different; it swoops and soars and will have you nodding along against your wishes, we have followed them with interest at GIGsoup, here’s the latest.

‘King Size’ is another foot tapper, is the song writing a collaboration or who writes which bits?

The song’s written by Victor and Juno. 

You’ve toured with a lots of bands, do you have any gossip?

Sorry to disappoint you but all the bands we’ve been on tour with are just really cool guys haha, we haven’t seen any guitars or tambourines being thrown around dressing rooms or anything. 

Victor is like a spring on stage, any accidents so far?

He fell loads of times but no serious injuries so far. 

Favourite song to sing live, have you ever done a cover version?

We have a track called ‘River Thames’ that we love to play. It always gets a good reaction and it’s a bit of tune! #LDNRPRSNT No covers until now. It’s all about us! 🙂 

You come from everywhere but where is M O S E S spiritual home?

London is where we are based and that’s our spiritual home, it’s where we started the band and where we played our first gigs. Matt is from Northern Ireland, Juno is from South Korea, Zakk is from SE London and Victor is from Bucharest.

Is there an album planned?

We don’t have an album planned at the moment, we’ve just released this new single on Propaganda Records, ‘King Size’ and we’re pushing that hard right now. We have a load of great gigs and festivals booked for the rest of the summer and we’re just playing it by ear and seeing where we are in August.

Do you socialise with each other, who buys the first round?

Yeah, we’re in a band, it’s a bit of a gang mentality, and it depends whose round it is haha! 

Fair’s fair with Moses, they buy their round when due and wont spill the beans on tour bus shenanigans. They also write pandemic level contagious songs and kick ass live, ‘King Size’ is out now.

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