BOOM! : M.I.L.K 'U and Me'

BOOM! : M.I.L.K ‘U and Me’

M.I.L.K, otherwise known as Emil Wilk, has released an upbeat, danceable track from his upcoming EP, due out later in 2016. Taking influence from Curtis Mayfield to Jungle, ‘U and Me’ is definitely dance floor worthy. The track grooves along, maintaining pace throughout in order to soundtrack the stage of the party just before everyone starts dancing. GIGsoup had a chat with the man himself about the single, his writing process, and what his festival season was like…

How would you describe M.I.L.K to people who have never heard your music?

Hmm. Kind of a hard question to answer. Isn’t that the job of the journalist to describe the music? Haha.

How did you get started writing and releasing music under M.I.L.K?

Just fiddled around in a studio with a bunch of friends. Then it caught on. I’ve pretty much been writing nonstop since I wrote my first song.

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When writing your music, is the production influenced by the lyric and melody writing or vice versa?

Depends. I write both ways.

‘U and Me’ sounds like a love song, what were your influences when writing the track?

With that song I wanted to explore something more danceable. I guess it’s a get-up-and-dance love song. It’s a song to soundtrack that moment just before everyone starts dancing. The ‘U’ is just whoever is about to get up and dance.

Festival season has just come to an end, and it seems you made quite the impact, how was it performing at so many festivals this year?

It was wonderful. I had a great time with my band and the whole gang that traveled around with us. It was so great to see how the music connected with people. The M.I.L.K. thing is pretty new, so before this summer most of the feedback came from industry people and the internet. So it was a crazy experience to see real people singing along and just having a good time with us.

What are you most looking forward to when you release your debut EP?

I think we will be doing a small European tour. That’s gonna be a lot of fun. And then I’m really just looking forward to starting working on the next EP as well. Haha. Most of the fun happens in the studio. I just wanna be producing and writing as much as possible really.

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