BOOM! : Lucy Mason 'Hunger

BOOM! : Lucy Mason ‘Hunger’

‘Hunger’ is the new single from London-based, Australian-born singer-songwriter Lucy Mason. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Ed Tullett, the track has been doing the rounds since mid-December and has thus far earned praise from publications like The Line of Best Fit and The Independent.

Joined earlier this week by a brand new Matt Sharp directed video (the first part of a 15-minute short film), ‘Hunger’ offers a glimpse at what we can expect from ‘Going Home Broke’, the latest EP from Lucy Mason which is scheduled for release at the end of March.

The initial signs are very positive indeed, with ‘Hunger’ featuring her gorgeously restrained and sincere vocals over an elegant and sophisticated blend of dream-pop and contemporary R&B. GIGsoup recently had the pleasure of speaking to Lucy Mason about her inspirations and influences, the new single and what we can expect from her much-anticipated forthcoming EP…

What’s the inspiration behind your lead single ‘Hunger’ and the EP as a whole? Is there a theme or back story tying it all together?

The whole EP was inspired out of the last few years of my time in London. ‘Going Home Broke’ became a bit of a motivational saying for me, kind of like ‘Yolo’ – If I’m gonna give up I may as well give it all I’ve got before I decide to call it. I had to learn a lot to realise I probably shouldn’t give up ever because that’s stupid, but out of that attitude I just got real with my writing and finally just said what I wanted to and told the stories I’ve been afraid to tell.

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Did you grow up in a musical household, and when did you decide that you wanted to pursue it as a career?

We aren’t sure where the music came from in my family. The only person we can find is my great-great-Grandmother who played the piano! I did grow up singing and playing piano from a really young age, but it wasn’t until I was in my mid-teens that I decided to consider it as a career. I think it takes a lot of confidence to pursue music properly and I probably wasn’t ready to put myself out there until I was older.

Who have been the biggest influences on your vocal style? Is there anyone in particular that you modelled yourself on growing up?

I was influenced by so many different kinds of singers. It was always about emotion for me and how a vocal performance could make me feel. I could never work out what it was about a voice that gave it that quality but I was inspired always by those singers. From Thom Yorke and Kurt Cobain, to Alanis Morissette and Eva Cassidy!

I understand that you’ve used different producers for each track, what sort of sounds can we expect on the rest of the EP?

With every song I thought hard about which producer would be able to give it the life it needed, and with each producer you can expect a different touch, but all songs sit together and tell the story. I’m so amazed how it turned out and how everyone involved just got the project from the start.

Are there currently any plans to tour your new material around the UK this year?

Currently no plans for a tour, but I will definitely be playing shows and working on touring as soon as it’s possible!

Ideally, where would you like to be in 12 months time?

This time next year I would like to be doing what I’m doing now. Making music, releasing music and working with amazing people.

‘Going Home Broke’ EP will be available on 31st March.

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