BOOM! : LOWLA 'Electrified'

BOOM! : LOWLA ‘Electrified’

Today’s track of the day comes courtesy of electro-pop duo LOWLA with ‘Electrified’.

Following the success of their debut single ‘Reckless’, the duo have signalled the extent of their ambition with their new EP ‘Walls’; a vibrant collection which shows signs of depth, variation and progression. With a love for everything nineties, they come armed with a unique brand of alt-pop that is both refreshing and infectious; and ‘Electrified’ provides the perfect introduction for those who have yet to become acquainted with them.

With its fun, upbeat melodies and vocal harmonies shining over a background of glitchy beats, it doesn’t take long for the catchy tune to become ingrained in your memory. Against the tedium of modern pop, LOWLA provide something alternative with a bit more grit and substance. We caught up with them to hear about the new song and what’s to come.

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Hey guys, can you tell us a bit about your track ‘Electrified’ and what inspired it?

Electrified is all about loving life, celebrating life and the kind of bonds you never want to let go, be it love or friendship. Between all the doom and gloom, it’s important to celebrate the lighter moments and remember the positive things about being alive. We were hugely inspired by 90s dance music for this one. Indeed, the entire Walls EP is one big celebration of the 90s. Every track channels a different aspect of the era and combines it with modern elements.

It features on your recent EP ‘Walls’…how has the reaction been?

So far so good 🙂 We’ve released three songs from the EP and so far the reception has been really good. They’re all very different so there’s something here for everyone, but they all channel the 90s. If you’re celebrating check out Electrified or Walls and if you’re heartbroken give Those Days Are Gone a spin. And then do buy the EP please to check out the fourth track “Money doesn’t matter” 🙂

How do you work together on your music? How was the recording/production process?

Lo usually starts with some chords and beats to provide a backing. Then we get together regularly and work on the lyrics and topline melody. Lo then works out the production and finishes off all the elements. And usually we get together again to go over a track after we haven’t heard it for a while. If we still like it, we may consider it for release. Sometimes, we like elements of it, but we know that other parts need to chance, so we sit down and work it out. And if it’s a miss, it’s a miss and we toss it.

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You have quite a unique pop sound… What’s your take on the modern pop scene at the moment?

There’s quite a lot going on in modern pop right now. Because albums aren’t a thing anymore, it allows us some freedom to really get the creative juices flowing and try out a lot of different sounds. Walls EP does just that – it’s a celebration of lots of different sounds and ideas. And we don’t really care if people think that’s not the “right way”. In music, in the arts, there is no right way. It’s all subjective. Some people will love an artist’s works, another person won’t. Big deal.

What are you listening to at the moment? Any major influences?

We’re loving lots of stuff right now. Truth be told we listen to an awful lot of new tunes so it’s hard to pinpoint a single one.

How did LOWLA come about?

It’s a combo of names LO With Lara. We wanted a name with a very female ring to it. After all, we’re a female duo.

How has your sound developed since you started out?

It’s always stayed with our core influences from the 90s. However, we’ve experimented a lot and that’s quite evident in the EP tracks.

Any plans or ambitions for the year ahead?

We’d love to play some good supports. There are quite a few features and videos still in the pipeline, before we sit down and write more material. 2017 is all about live for us

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