Today’s track of the day comes from upcoming pop star LOOP with the brilliant ‘Losing My Mind’

Following on from her breakthrough with ‘Looking at You’, this is the first single to be dropped from her forthcoming EP, due for release at the start of 2017. Bringing together cascading synths, vibrant electronic beats and catchy lyrical hooks, the track has all the hallmarks of a massive pop banger; the singer’s soulful vocals shining over Benj Miller’s wonderful production which makes the track sound like it’s coming from an established pop star.

With promises of a bright future ahead, GIGsoup caught up with LOOP to hear more about the song and her plans for the future.

Can you tell us what the new track ‘Losing My Mind’ is about?

Losing My Mind is about being with someone who you can’t live without but who also brings out all of your ugliest flaws, and in a way you kind of thrive off that. It’s almost like you’re both always subconsciously looking for ways to provoke the other. Basically a love that’s a little fucked up, but undeniable.

Would you say it marks progression in your sound? You seem to drop into a number of genres; is this intentional?

I think it’s definitely a progression, although that’s not to say I see Looking At You as an inferior track at all. They’re both really special songs to me and I could very easily revert back to a more synth pop dance track like LAY in the future. I’m really enjoying exploring different genres at the moment – that’s part of the fun of working towards the first EP – working with a whole mix of producers, trying out different sounds and having the freedom to be like ‘hey this song is awesome, it sounds nothing like my last but I want it to be my next!’ Having said that I also don’t want to confuse people and I’m sure the LOOP ‘sound’ will start to align itself soon!

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Who are your big musical influences?

My biggest musical influences are mostly pop artists – I was a huge Christina and Britney fanatic when I was younger and growing up it was all Destiny’s Child and All Saints and Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5 etc. My taste is a little more widespread now but will always be a pop girl at heart. When I’m writing I’ll listen to anything from Tove Lo to Tame Impala  / Kendrick Lamar to Banks / Glass Animals to Charli xcx!

How important is collaboration to your work? How do you go about finding the right people to work with?

Hugely important. I’m not a producer so it’s a necessity for me to work with other people – but I wouldn’t be able to work alone anyway even if I could produce! I’d lose my mind (lol excuse the pun). I love to bounce ideas around with people. I haven’t really done any sessions with other writers yet though so that’s something I’m really keen to try. Sure I would learn a lot. A lot of the producers I’ve been in the studio with recently have been set up by my label, Metropolis M:UK, and then the rest often just come about through talking with friends of friends and making contacts myself. Then you start to find the producers you really click with and that’s when you get the best songs. I’m yet to experience a really horrendous or awkward session so so far so good!

What do you think of the modern pop scene?

I think there’s some amazing pop acts out there at the moment. Bieber’s comeback with the likes of Skrillex and Diplo etc was a real moment for pop I think – it’s changed the direction of production hugely in a short space of time and I love it. The music industry is in a state of flux at the moment though and it’s becoming increasingly harder to break acts but I think there’s definitely space for a few new UK artists to break through in a big way next year.

What can listeners expect from your forthcoming EP?

A little bit of me! It’s a pop EP for sure but there’s odes to other genres in there, like you said – I’m still experimenting. Losing My Mind is a good indicator but they definitely don’t all follow that same vibe. I’ve worked with an amazing producer called Benjamin Miller on most of the EP and he’s very talented so I’m really excited to get these tracks out into the world.

Any specific ambitions for the next year ahead?

To really start making a name for myself in the industry. Hopefully get a great reaction to my EP and then continue to put music out, whether it be a second EP or a first album. And I’d love to tour the UK, to write in different countries like America and Sweden, and to play some amazing festivals over the summer!BOOM! : LOOP 'Losing My Mind'

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