LEX is a musical ‘character’ created by the talented and multi-faceted pop/rock Spanish artist Alex Ayora. LEX really does encompass it all – not only is he a renowned singer and composer in his native country, he is also a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, drums and piano who has worked with a plethora of other artists and big brands. He now releases his latest single ‘Unlucky’ – available now on all download and streaming platforms.

‘Unlucky’ is a Pop/Rock song with deep soul melodies, excellent music production and with a powerful guitar solo in the end. The song was recorded in 2015 in Barcelona at La Sucursal Studios with one of the most famous producers in Spain, Tato Latorre. LEX wrote and composed the track back in the spring of 2013 and was inspired by the sadness and cruelty of heartbreak. The theme is about someone who has lost a deep and true love.  LEX says “The guy is ‘Unlucky’ that his love doesn’t even realize he’s truly in love with her, and he’s going crazy because he needs her love so badly.”