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BOOM!: Leon of Athens ‘Fire Inside You’

Timoleon Veremis, also known as Leon of Athens, a London-based singer-songwriter hailing from Greece, is back with a new single titled ‘Fire Inside You’. The catchy, sweet electro pop tune is the newest track from his upcoming album, the follow-up to his acclaimed debut ‘Global’, which sees him collaborating with producer David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything) and working towards a more full, mature sound. He cites artists such as Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Fugazi, and Nick Drake as just a few of his influences, and this variety of moods is evident in the way he experiments in his music

GIGsoup caught up with Leon of Athens to talk about his new song, album, and future plans.

What inspired you to start playing music?

I grew up in a family who listened to good music and encouraged us to do arts. My mother is a dancer. One of my first songs I wrote, as a teenager, was a protest song for the war in Iraq.

How has living in London affected you as an artist

London is the music capitol of the world. Since I moved here these last couple of years I’ve worked with so many great people and seen amazing, unforgettable, quality gigs.

You seem to have an eclectic mix of influences. How do you manage to add some of your home country’s musical influences into your blend of indie pop?

Music grows and changes with you. Greece is the place I grew up in and lived most of my life so far. I’m very connected to these images and sounds and I think it’s natural that this also comes out to my music.

How would you compare your upcoming album to your 2014 debut ‘Global’? 

I believe it’s more direct and pop, in the sense that we focused on finding the right space in order for the vocal melodies to grow, synths and drums, where ‘Global’ was more guitar and bass driven. I love both, they represent different periods in my life.

What was the process of recording the track ‘Fire Inside You’? 

David started processing a loop from the Roland CR78 drum machine. We both felt that the song had a ‘Boys of Summer’ kind of vibe to it. The original song is in Greek by the legendary Pavlos Pavlidis who had already written amazing parts. 

What was it like working with producer David Kosten?

Working with David was an amazing experience. The way he works and thinks is very artistic and unique. We had a great time making this album.

Any news on when the LP should arrive? 

The album is set to be released in January 2018.

What’s next for Leon of Athens? Anything else you’d like our readers to know? 

We are releasing the ‘Fire Inside You’ music video which we shot a few weeks ago in Corfu! Also we just announced our London show on November 17th at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

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