London singer-songwriter Laura Elvin has released a new song titled ‘Wonder’, which you can stream now. Her unique and eccentric delivery is reminiscent of female artists such as Kate Bush and Regina Spektor, but the stripped-down approach she takes on the haunting lullaby that is ‘Wonder’ is fresh and different. The use of the music box evokes an eerie, intimate atmosphere while Elvin’s impressive vocals are full of raw emotion. Despite its deceptive simplicity, you can still recognize Elvin’s skill and technical ability, and we can’t wait to see where she will take her sound next.

GIGsoup caught up with Laura Elvin to talk about her inspirations, her new single, and future plans.

What music did you grow up listening to and how has it affected you?

I come from a large family so all of our tastes mingled together. I was the youngest and didn’t have much say over what was played in the car! I found my own musical influences, however, this intermingling I think has afforded me a broad musical palette with which to paint.

What are some of your influences beyond music and how do they inform your
songwriting process?

I love philosophy, literature, politics, sociology, psychology and the wider arts. I take the art side of music writing very seriously, I critique my work heavily from a literary perspective and often times will be making sure from a sociological and philisophical stand point, it will have a positive impact.

I read that you lived on a sustainable farm where you have your own studio. Could
you talk a bit about that?

I did. 4 and a half years ago I had an opportunity to live on a sustainable farm down in Somerset. There we lived off the land or nearby farms produce. It was sustainable in every way producing its own energy and even providing power back to the grid via the solar farm we built on the property. It was actually the first farm in the country to be supplied the new tesla battery so the sustainable energy can be stored. I recently moved back to London, however, it’s still possible to source local produce from London or nearby farms and if I ever go on tour, I’d love if it could be carbon offset.

Does your love of nature make its way into the music?

Absolutely, Emerson once wrote that nature was in its entirety a reflection of all the human spirit. I really agree with this viewpoint, as a result there is so much poetic potential in nature and still opportunity to be unique with it. Also one of my objectives as an artist is to re-connect people with their love for nature and in that way serve nature.

What was the idea behind ‘Wonder’?

It’s about the moment my imagination was reawakened. I’m describing a particular scenario but I leave that up to your imagination to figure outAnd so completes the artistic circle.

Why did you choose to record a music box version of the song?

I was drawn to the musical simplicity a music box would offer. I normally do big productions and this gave me the opportunity to expose my vocal in a way that supported the concept behind the track.

What are your plans for the future? Any news you’d like to share?

I’m gigging in London, I plan to release an E.P. and I’m working on getting a fully produced video done!

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