Keiran Leonard & the Horses
Keiran Leonard & the Horses

BOOM! : Keiran Leonard & the Horses – ‘Underwood Milk’

There’s an uncontrolable excitement when you discover a new artist. Every fibre in your body wants to tell other people about it but only after you’ve played the latest track to within an inch of its digital or vinyl life. Kieran Leonard is the latest artist to achieve such recognition in the GIGsoup office, and boy oh boy is this guy going to cause ripples.

Today’s GIGsoup Track of the Day could only be ‘Underwood Milk’ by the above artist. This wonderful alternate-rock release comes on the back of a series of support dates with Father John Misty, and the success of the US singer-songwriter clearly seems to have inspired Leonard.

Keiran Leonard is no newbie though. Throw in 2012’s ‘Out Of Work Astronaut’ album, a slew of singles and EP releases and a barrage of live appearances everywhere from Glastonbury to SXSW. Then consider that over the past two years he has played the same stage in support of Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Adam Green, Billy Bragg, Carl Barat, Graham Coxon, Fionn Reagan and Pete Doherty and it’s little wonder that Kieran once said “It’s my ambition to smoke the first Benson & Hedges on the moon.”

Check out the video for ‘Underwood Milk’, above. Suitably, the video sees an eminently grungy Kieran wandering around the late Stanley Kubrick’s house in Hertfordshire, where he has been recording his forthcoming sophomore album ‘Good Luck, Everybody’.

If the above excites you as much as it does us then why not pop along and see ‘Keiran Leonard & the Horses’ at one of the following venues. ‘Underwood Milk’ is out on the 29th June 2015

Thurs 18th June  –  BST Strokes support Hyde Park TICKETS

Tue 23rd  June  –  The Waiting Room  – Stoke Newington TICKETS

Fri 31st July  –  Standon Calling festival TICKETS

Sun 2nd Aug –  Port Elliot festival TICKETS

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Keiran Leonard & the Horses – ‘Underwood Milk’