Having worked with the likes of Woodkid, The Chemical Brothers, and Two Door Cinema Club in the past, French electronic outfit KCPK have a captivating new track out titled ‘The End’. The alternative dance single is off the band’s latest EP ‘Critics’, released October 6th via [PIAS], which includes a collaboration with pop-duo AaRON as well as remixes from Get a Room!, Shall Ocin, and FKCLUB. ‘The End’ features British folk singer-songwriter Cooper Rose’s calm vocals against a dark and driving instrumental. It comes with an impressive music video directed by Loïc Andrieu with cinematography by Nicolas Loir (Ghostpoet, Woodkid, Alt-J), which acts as a nightmarish look into underlying themes surrounding adolescence.

We caught up with KCPK to talk about their new single, their inspirations, and future plans.

Could you introduce yourselves?

KCPK is a band formed by Alex Brovelli, Fabrice Brovelli, and Christophe Caurret. Our music is definitely eclectic: from hip-hop to new wave and electro. We just released our new EPs called ‘Critics’ featuring Simon from the French band Aaron and ‘The End” which we collaborated with the British singer Cooper Rose on. For “’The End’ we had the chance to work with the French director Loïc Andrieu who has done an incredible job on the video clip. You could classify both tracks as “dark electro wave.”

What are some of your main influences?

The news, the will to surprise with something unexpected, bands that finally delivered some messages (not so easy to find a lot of those these days…).

Your brand of electronic/ new wave incorporates some really prominent elements of punk. Is bringing those two worlds together something you’re trying to achieve?

Our name “KCPK” is a wink to former Russia called “CCCP”.  We love some punk bands for sure but we especially love the bands who tried to break the rules.

What is the meaning behind ‘The End’?

Many meanings and interpretations are possible, such as a complicated relationship between two people, which is what the videoclip shot by Loïc is about and works very well with this track.

The track has a running time of over 7-minutes where the song builds and builds. Is this something new for you?

Not really. Electro has a direct influence on our band and we love the tracks with an unstoppable rise that catch people or dancers in a hypnotic way. We have tried to do it on “The End” by combining guitars and electro.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue to release some EP’s, develop a new live act, and collaborate with Trent Reznor!

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