BOOM! : Joy Crookes 'Sinatra'

BOOM! : Joy Crookes ‘Sinatra’

London R&B artist Joy Crookes has just released her second single ‘Sinatra’, with an accompanying video – It strives to capture the light, shade and elegance of the tune. The enterprising young musician agreed to speak with us at GIGsoup about putting the video together, what it’s like to suddenly be in the limelight and her hopes and dreams for the future.

This video fits your song so well, with subtle lighting changes and a really natural feel. You made it with your boyfriend, Lukas Van Oudenhove, and two of your friends. How was that? It looks so crisp- are any of you professionals?

None of us are professional and that was the best part. In fact, this was Lukas’ first ever music video. I remember us testing the colouring gels, completely mesmerised by the mood of the room changing immediately. We were all just having so much fun and I think that came across in the quality in the video, it definitely was not our ‘professionalism’, ha. 

You’ve received loads of media attention, including Most Blogged Artist on Hype Machine – how does that feel?

It feels so humbling. It also makes me very excited for future tracks. It’s one thing when people you know like what you’re doing but when it’s people you’ve never met before, the music is speaking for itself and it’s so rewarding to see it do so.

You’re 17 and it seems like no-one will let you forget it! What’s it like receiving so much attention about your age?

It’s good and terrible. It definitely draws people in to check out my music. I know if I read someone trying to achieve a career in music or finance or art at such a young age I would be captivated too. However 17 doesn’t last forever and I’m not sure 18 is quite as appealing (lol).

You played a support slot for Sloes on October 3rd at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen- how did that go? Do you have any more live dates coming up?

October the 3rd was one of the best nights of my life. The crowd was swarming and there was a person in every single inch of the room. I had so much fun with my band that night and it was crazy to see the show had sold out. It was such a special night and it went by way too fast.

I’ll be supporting the gorgeous girl band M.O. on the 26th October at the O2 Islington 2 Academy along with Imani Williams, tickets are available from bandcamp.

What do you have planned for the next year?

The next year will involve more releases, hopefully more visuals and lots of writing and recording towards something exciting… keep your eyes peeled

Finally, if you could perform with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

If I could I’d love to perform with Massive Attack. I’ve always loved their features and would love to be on the stage with them.BOOM! : Joy Crookes 'Sinatra'