BOOM! : Jasmine Rodgers 'Icicles'

BOOM! : Jasmine Rodgers ‘Icicles’

Today’s Track of the Day comes from the wonderfully talented Jasmine Rodgers, whose song ‘Icicles’ comes from her new double A sided single ‘Icicles/Sense’.

Not many artists can fall back on the musical experience that Rodgers has gathered over the years. Having come from a very creative background (her mother a Japanese poet and her father the one and only Paul Rodgers,  vocalist for Free and Queen), it seems only right that she would go down the path of singing/songwriting. Over the years, she has fronted the band Boa, worked on a film soundtrack and collaborated with a host of different musicians.

These experiences, along with travelling the world, have had a huge influence on her music with ‘Icicle’ channelling traditional Celtic and Middle Eastern sounds through fine, melodious guitar-picking and measured percussion. Produced by Mercury nominee Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, Nick Mulvey) a sense of longing permeates the track, with Rodgers’ drawing the listener in with her powerfully evocative lyrics as the soothing tone of her harmonies creates something beautifully atmospheric and intimate.

GIGsoup had a chat with her about the track, her influences and her upcoming album ‘Blood Red Sun’, which is expected to be released later this year..

‘Icicles’ comes from your fantastic new AA side release, can you tell us what it’s about?

Hi Gigsoup! Icicles is about loss and resolution- about that moment when you have really loved somebody, and that sense of longing. It could also be a kind of prayer to that person that you haven’t met yet, but who is right for you.

Your songwriting is really evocative. What inspires you?

Thank you very much. Lots of things inspire me, and they can be very little, like a turn of phrase, or an expression. Nature and the elements inspire me too. The album was recorded keeping in mind the desert in California, US and in Egypt. I wanted to have that sense of space but intimacy that you get in those places.

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You also worked with Mercury nominee Dan Carey on the release. How was that experience?

Dan is incredibly talented and intuitive. He was very encouraging when we recorded Icicles and fun to talk to, he has loads of different instruments in his studio to draw from and is really experimental in trying them out! Sean (who recorded the rest of the album) is like that too.

How important is collaboration to your music?

Initially the songs and words are very personal, so it was a testament to the people that I worked with that I felt so comfortable exploring ideas with them. I think collaboration can be really inspiring and, really fun as well.

Has your experience of travelling influenced your music? Who would you say are your big musical influences?

When I was a child I travelled through music quite a lot. I explored lots of different genres and vocal styles that took me from the UK over to Japan (where my mum is from) and back. I think my love of music makes travelling more interesting, because I tend to seek out the musical places. My influences probably reflect that too, but I love old swing -jazz, rock, blues, reggae, folk and actually I’m sort of listing all genres aren’t I?

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album Blood Red Sun?

They can expect a beautiful collection of songs that, like Icicles, are atmospheric and heartfelt, but the themes change throughout and I hope listeners will be able to find a story weaving through the album.

This Jasmine Rodgers article was written by Suzanne Oswald, a GIGsoup contributor.