25-year-old, IVI was born in Austria but grew up in London, soaking in all the diverse artistic influences in the city and distilling them into her own heady musical brew. The result is a seductive pop alchemy and the scratchy intensity of her unique vocal timbre, evoking the style of twentieth-century femme fatale icon Marlene Dietrich. This is illuminated perfectly in IVI’s debut single, Andromeda – out now.

With Andromeda, IVI has been working with the best of the best: the track was written and produced by Ferdinando Arnò and mixed by Grammy Award winning sound engineer Tom Elmhirst who has worked with Amy Winehouse, Adele, David Bowie and Beck. Not only that, but IVI’s Dietrich-like vocals have been noticed by influential ears and recently her voice was used by Furtuna Skin for its international ad campaign. IVI does not want to stop there: she seeks to bring the power of her music to the wider world and leave her mark upon it- and upon people’s memories. As she says herself:

“Music has the power. Everyone’s life is characterized by a soundtrack made of songs that have stratified in memory and heart. And each of these songs recalls a different emotion. Each piece that excites us, that makes us vibrate, is like a tattoo, a soul tattoo”