Soul pop artist Irma is one of France’s biggest success stories to date with a huge online fanbase watching her every move. Irma went from performing acoustic covers in her bedroom as a teenager to becoming a highly accomplished soul-pop producer, singer-songwriter and online sensation and has completed several worldwide tours. Now she makes her UK debut with the release of her lusciously soul powered new single Venom Of Angels – out now.

Venom of Angels celebrates female desire and pleasure- a subject Irma asserts is “..pretty often ignored and unknown”. This passionate theme is heightened by the music, inspired by the ‘organic tradition’ of soul but also very mindful of the present, using samples and drum machines to complete a sensual musical vista. The track is a beautifully crafted modern take on a classic soul-fuelled folk ballad, brimming with 60’s vocal harmonies. A clear tribute to the great Soul classics whilst having a whole new life of it’s own.