BOOM! : Hugsar 'Cry'

BOOM! : Hugsar ‘Cry’

Bristol/London based four piece, Hugsar, are due to release their first single ‘Cry’ on September 9th. The group have been swaying Bristol with their psychedelic math indie magic and wowing fans with their bittersweet lyrics and sunny pop feel. GIGsoup caught up with Tom, the bassist in the band, to ask about their writing, what it is like to be split between two cities and their upcoming launch…

‘Cry’, your new single is an intriguing blend of sunny indie pop backed with a kind of progressive math-y groove. How have Hugsar arrived at this sound?

HI! The Hugsar sound started from a collision of styles between me(Tom(bass) and Jo (singer/guitar) we had a creative burst one spring and summer time and wrote a lot of songs, i think the style reflects our different musical backgrounds, I am quite muso and interested in poly-rhythms and weird time signatures and patterns which can end up quite cold on its own, Jo has a much more raw and personal touch and a great sense of emotion and melody, when we realised we were on to an interesting thing we ran with it.When Matt(guitar) and Bean(drums) joined in, they added they cemented it all together with their tight grooves and classical influenced guitar and here we are!!

‘Cry’ seems to be quite a bitter song, couched in a sweet shell of pop- is this Hugsar’s general style? What content do you tend to write about, is it usually personal?

Yes, a lot of our songs have a bitter sweet element about them, grapefruits are sooo much more interesting than oranges. Lyrically ‘Cry’ started off as a list of personal pronouns and question words which ended up sounding like a love story. We all know how most love stories end. I’d say that its impossible to remove the personal from art even if you are trying to be impersonal.

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Your single launch is on the 9th September in The Old England in Bristol. How are you feeling about the upcoming party?

We are really excited, its been a few months since we played in Bristol and cant wait to play, we’ve got some great acts playing with us, Port Erin and Lost Cat. So come on down!

Hugsar are part based in Bristol and partly in London- how does this distance effect your collaboration?

It has its challenges, we have to be pretty efficient during rehearsals as its a bit more complicated to arrange them and stuff like that! But it feels nice to be multi-cosmopolitan!

‘Cry’ is the first track on the EP- when can fans expect the release of the entire EP?

‘Cry’ is one of the happiest sounding songs on the E.P,but all the songs have quite distinct feels to them,we are very pleased with it! expect catchy-wonky-dreamy- groovy-melodic

What else are you planning in the near future- is there a tour on the cards?

We really hope so! follow us for news on upcoming gigs

Hugsar is an interesting name- hard to place- it involves hugs and evokes thoughts of sweetness and light but is unfamiliar. How did you arrive at this name?

Hmm , the name kind of occured by accident, but we were looking of a kind of cosmic but friendly sound. Like an alien planet inhabited by difficult to understand but amusing beings!

‘Cry’ is a self-release available through on September 9th. Their single release party is at The Old England, Bristol on September 9th.

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