Bringing a hit of the 80’s into the current day, Heir are back with their new single ‘Need You The Most’. Dreamy synths, bouncing bass lines and those electric riffs that are oh so eighties, really make this a track that make it irresistible not to get up and have a boogie to. Frontman Tom Hammond’s swirling vocals are insanely good, not to mention the lyrical work… after just a couple of listens you’ll be singing every word until your neighbours are sick of you.

The five piece from Leeds stopped by to have a chat with us about the new single, Fleetwood Mac and Albanian thrones.

Hey guys, congrats on the new single! How does it feel to release it into the world?

Why, thank you! It’s a weird one, we are so excited for people to finally hear it; hopefully it brings as much joy to them as it did to us whilst making it in the studio!

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for the track?

Yeah go on then. The song is a bit of an appreciation for those moments you share with someone where, at that point when you meet each other’s eyes, you are the only two people that matter.

The track has a very strong 80’s vibe to it, was this a conscious decision when recording?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision I don’t think. Our collective music listening habits have been steering our music in that direction. Then the song itself is born out of feelings you have amidst a party atmosphere so I think it was probably always destined to have that kind of trajectory, whether it liked it or not!

Can you choose ONE favourite 80’s artist of yours?

They aren’t strictly 80’s but Fleetwood Mac would probably have to take that crown for us. Prince and Paul Simon get a special mention but I remember right from the early days of playing music together Fleetwood Mac were a big part of the conversation.

Could you tell us about the background for Heir?

We all met at uni, played singer/songwriter tunes together for a bit before saying “hang on a minute, you guys like HAIM too”. Once the vision for the band was there, the songwriting clicked and it’s since been a wicked couple of years of booking tours and writing stories. There are hopefully many more to come!

This song is bound to get everyone up on the dancefloor, what’s your go-to track that gets you grooving?

‘Falling’ by HAIM is one of the sexiest, guaranteed-to-get-you-moving-whilst-making-dinner songs around. We’ve also had a lot of MJ on in the car recently. I also remember never being as excited to be on a dancefloor as when I first heard ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ by Prince.

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How did you come up with the name Heir?

We’d love to tell you a nice story. Something about how Harry is the next in line to the Albanian throne or some other interesting bull s**t. However it was simply Ste suggesting the word Heir and the rest of saying “Yep, sounds good. Nice one mate.”

How would you describe your sound to an alien?

‘It’s really f*****g good.’

What have you got in store for us over the next few months?

Lots! We’re touring the UK at the end of October. We’ve got a whole load of new songs we can’t wait to gig. Then we’ll be looking forward to the next release, which hopefully won’t be too far away . . .

Heir are off on tour, catch them at a town near you!

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