HAWK 'Mirror Maze'

BOOM! : HAWK ‘Mirror Maze’

Today’s track of the day comes courtesy of HAWK with their stunning single ‘Mirror Maze’.

Taken from their forthcoming EP She Knows, the track indicates a slight shift in direction for the outfit; taking their signature alternative indie rock sound into darker territory with vast soundscapes and ethereal melodies. Captivating from the outset, Julie Hawk’s distinctive vocals carry a subtle power that is hard to ignore; lying over a muscular and haunting instrumentation. Using the song to challenge societal notions of female body image and femininity, the band are once again able to pair their socially aware lyrics with a sublime musicality.

Ready to take on the world with their powerful ideas and mesmerising sounds, GIGsoup caught up with HAWK to find out more about the new track and the EP.

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Can you tell us a bit about your song ‘Mirror Maze’ and what it’s about?

Mirror Maze is about female body image and femininity. It about feeling caught up in the conflicting messages we receive, both negative and positive, about physical appearance and demeanour, and feeling torn between other people’s expectations and your own need to express yourself. The song is about these dizzying messages but also about discovering ways to rise above them.

There’s a social awareness about your music that feels very appropriate given the current climate. What inspires your songwriting?

A lot of our songs are motivated by internal conflict and injustice. But more often than not, our real inspiration is the idea of change and choice; the idea that you don’t have to settle, or that you can confront a problem. As friends, it’s something we look to each other for.

It seems that it’s particularly important now more than ever to use the arts as a socially empowering force; would you agree? Are there enough artists in modern music using their platform in this way?

I think we’re seeing more and more artists using their voice to empower their audience and specifically call out injustices. Even in the mainstream, we’re seeing pop royalty writing songs that become anthems for defending different social groups. This is super exciting. I think at this rate the next generation of songwriters might be writing politically charged lyrics just as naturally as they write love songs. There’s room in music for so many important conversations.

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What else can we expect from your new EP ‘She Knows’? Does it mark a shift in your sound?

The biggest change in our approach to this EP is that we had outlined a concept before we started writing. We knew wanted to create one narrative throughout the record without any musical breaks. The sound is definitely grungier and allows a lot more space for the instruments to play a part in the story. You can expect a lot of slow, trudging moments punctuated by some more upbeat, poppy a stuff – a couple of chance to have a dance!

You seem to have a range of influences in your music; what artists are you loving at the moment?

We’re all currently loving Buke and Gase who we saw in Berlin earlier this year. We’ve been listening to a lot of Slow Dive in the car lately too, and Idlewild.  Radiohead is probably our common middle-ground, but we all disagree on our favourite albums.

What are your ambitions for the next 12 months?

We’ll be announcing our tour soon! Without giving too much away, we’re very excited to say that we’ll be playing some of our first ever dates in mainland Europe. Apart from that, we’ve been locking ourselves away to write new tracks since we moved to Berlin, and there are some tentative notions that they might be the bones of our first album.

HAWK 'Mirror Maze'