BOOM! : GRYMM ‘Gravity’

Brighton based Grymm change up their sensibilities with their last releases and that’s what makes the group more exciting with every new release. Their debut ‘Jurassic‘ borders on heavy pop sensibilities, while ‘Gravity‘ delves into typical grunge personality while bearing a post-rock sonic. 

GIGsoup caught up with the thrilling post-rockers to hear all about their influences, favourite albums, the background behind their new single ‘Gravity’ and things to be on the watch for in the near future.

What are the lyrics in your new single ‘Gravity’ about?

Morgan: It’s essentially about how the abusive people in your life can weigh you down, and make you feel and become much smaller, and often a lot more bitter and angry at the world. Which can lead you to hate who you’ve become. It’s a song about feeling hopeless and degraded and wanting to fight back against the hatred for yourself and the people who hurt you.

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If you could sum up your musical influences, what artists would you choose? 

Andrew: I’d have to go James Brown’s bassist (whoever he is, I should probably find out), probably a bit of Alt-J’s melodic bass stuff like tesselate. But also all the heavier stuff I love like The Wytches, Metz, Russian Circles, and of course the Chillis. 

Arthur: My musical influences as a drummer probs have to bill Stevenson of descendants and black flag and John Bonham of led zeppelin rock wise but shout out to Questlove from the roots he got me into more groovey drumming plus he’s band leader now they’re on jimmy fallon. 

Morgan: Without going through the traumatic experience of trying to whittle down all my favourite artists I’m just gonna go for the big, big life changers, like I’d say my heavier side definitely comes from growing up listening to Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone age etc. but in recent years all of my favourite heavier bands are from Brighton – The Wytches and Gang. But definitely the more intricate side of my guitar playing, songwriting and vocals has come from people like Radiohead, Alt-J (who I’m going to see for the first time in September ahhhh), Daughter, James Blake.  

If each of you could pick your current favourite album, what would it be?

Arthur: Been jamming ho99o9s new album recently i think its sick 

Andrew: Current fave would probably be King Gizzard’s flying micro tonal banana 

Morgan: If I had to pick one it’d probably be Relaxer by Alt-J. That or Yesterday’s Gone By Loyle Carner. 

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This single sounds more gritty, darker and more melancholic in its writing than the last, do you think there’s a slight direction change than the last few singles? If so, what was the thinking behind this? 

Andrew: I’d say it was a natural progression as we grew as song writers really. And influence changes and musical tastes. 

Morgan: Yeah definitely, I mean when we wrote Jurassic, and OCD our music tastes and styles in writing were much more pin-pointed, we only really listened to heavy music and Foals. But now, our music tastes are so diverse, and we get way more intricate with the writing process. I think both Dream Of You and Gravity show that.

Arthur: I don’t know really, I’m new innit

Being based in Brighton, would you say the location helped you shape your sound at all? With the people around it and memories at all?

Arthur: yeah I guess. There is a lot of cool music in Brighton and some of it sunk in, in a way, maybe.

Morgan: I feel like Brighton is such a good place for creative people to get weird and for it to be totally normal. I think that the freedom to be odd in Brighton is really refreshing. But also there are so many good venues, and so many good bands that it motivates you to be as good as you can.

Andrew: Brighton probably shaped the identity in that our musical sounds and tastes got more diverse because there’s a lot of good stuff out here, and you have to be really good to stand out.  

All your single artwork is very visual, what’s your thought process behind these ideas?

Andrew: Just listening to the tracks and describing what we felt and saw in the music. Often thinking in terms of “song colour”

Morgan: Yeah like for us, Jurassic is a very Purple song but also black and white as it’s straight to the point, and Gravity is more Blues and Red. We kinda just sat down, wrote down the lyrics and the connotations of them, and tried to capture the music through the artwork. And also the photographers who created the artwork (Emma Currell, and Harrison Jones) are really inspiring photographers, and it’s as much their doing as ours.  

What’s next for Grymm?

Andrew: Writing 

Arthur: shows, write, record, shows, repeat

Morgan: Yes

How would you describe Grymm in three words?

Andrew: Some lads jammin’

Morgan: Ed, Ed ’N’Eddy

Arthur: The Three Stooges.

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