Taken from their debut album ‘Afterthoughts’ Greywind’s new single ‘Circle,’ has our feet tapping at GIGsoup and therefore, by proxy, deserves today’s BOOM! Track of the Day!

The alternative rock duo describes their music as “emotional” and “atmospheric!” and to celebrate their album release (27th January 2017) the Killarney brother and sister band are set to play their first headline show at the stunning London St Pancras Old Church on the very same evening.

GIGsoup caught up with the duo to find out a little about the album and whats in store for them in 2017…

How would you describe your sound in 5 words to new fans?

Beautiful, dark, emotional, epic and atmospheric.

‘Circle’ is your new single out from your debut album ‘Afterthoughts.’ We love the new song! What was the inspiration behind it?

Thank you! Circle is about feeling like your trapped in a never-ending cycle and not ever being able to escape from it. It was written in a time when we felt a bit lost for a while. It’s definitely one of our favourite songs we’ve ever written.

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Greywind will be playing your first every headline show at London St.Pancras Old Church on January 27th. This must be exciting for you guys! What can future fans expect from your performance?

We’re really excited for it! We were just told that it’s about to sell out too which has made this the perfect start to 2017. Fans can expect us to be playing new songs from our album for the first time ever at this show which we can’t wait for. We always pour everything into our live performances so we’re really looking forward to be playing to our own crowd for the first time.

Tell us a little bit about Greywind’s journey?

Well we’re siblings so as I’m older, Steph met me on the day she was born. Steph was always singing since she was young but I only started playing guitar when I turned 18. We started to write songs together and ‘Afterthoughts’ was the first 100% finished song we ever wrote so when that was written we booked ourselves into a studio for the first time, recorded the demo of it on a Thursday in July 2014 and posted it online on the Monday. Within 24 hours of posting the demo we had all major labels and management companies contact us so it was a really insane 48 hours for us! Especially when this was the first finished song we’ve ever written and we had never played a live show before. We then spent all of 2015 writing our debut album ‘Afterthoughts’ and recorded it with Jason Perry in Texas. In 2016 we played our first ever live shows in our entire lives, starting with a UK tour with Moose Blood. We then went on to play Slam Dunk Festival, The Great Escape Festival, Reading & Leeds Festival along with shows with Thrice, Farro & Young Guns.

2016 was our first proper year as a band so it couldn’t have gone better. We’re really excited for 2017!

There are not that many notable two piece rock bands out there at the minute. Has rock always been the musical area you guys wanted to concentrate on or are their other styles that take your interest?

Rock has always been our favourite genre of music. We’re heavily influenced by all the classic emo records we listened to when we were younger, but as we got older I got really into post-rock so we love to combine elements of both styles. We love beautiful calm moments that can suddenly erupt into heavy emotional parts when you least expect it.

What is involved in your musical process?

Usually I’d come up with a melody/first draft of lyrics and then show it to Steph. We’d then work on it together to perfect it, recording rough versions only using voice memos in my phone. We like hearing new songs in their rawest form so we know if they’re good enough, so we don’t ever record new songs with proper equipment until way down the line after we’ve lived with the rough recordings for a long period of time.

With an industry so competitive with many new bands and artists coming through how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

We believe that we’re doing something completely different to a lot of rock bands already, so we just believe if we always stay true to ourselves that we’ll always stand out.

What is in store for Greywind in 2017?

Along with the release of our debut album and playing our debut headline show, we’ll also be playing Download Festival and some more unannounced things. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot of us this year!

Greywind will be performing on Friday 27th January at St Pancras Old Church.

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