Leeds band Glass Caves are todays Track of the Day recipients.

Having a debut album under their belt and an impressive history of shows, including Reading/Leeds festival, GIGsoup managed to catch up with the 4-piece to get all the latest on their new material and their thoughts on the current state of the music industry…

How did you guys meet and what made you start writing together?

We met through school, college in and around Pontefract drawn together because we enjoyed playing and making music. Dull but true!

What was the idea behind the video for ‘Do You Have A Name?’. Which you guys surprisingly don’t feature in until the last minute or so.

The idea behind the music video was to break away from us performing as a band. Initially we had an idea that we would dress as women then that turned into Glass Caves being played by our dads and finally we came to the conclusion that it should be a girl band called Lass Caves.

How would you describe your approach to rock?

I would say that our sound isn’t really rock but there are definitely elements of rock in what we do. We’re big fans of bands like Police and XTC so some definite pop roots shine through too. Like a rock that’s been cleaned up given a coat of gloss x

Would you say your sound has developed or changed since your debut album ‘Alive’?

Our sound has definitely changed over time and I think it’s for the better. Our debut album reflects where we were at that time young and raucous but I feel we’ve improved a lot and will continue to, bring on album 2.

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How do you guys approach songwriting? Does it start with one of you bringing an idea? I know some bands that would improvise and jam to find a starting point for a song. 

We have so many different ways of writing there’s no set formula. Sometimes we start with lyrics, sometimes a good groove on the kit, sometimes a great guitar line; sometimes from a member and sometimes as a band. Sometimes.

You guys have had an impressive run of shows in your career including playing Reading/Leeds Festival and headlining London KOKO. Who would you say gives the most performance in the band? Or do you all seem to go equally crazy on stage?

We have played some great gigs and fingers crossed they’re gonna get better as we move up to bigger stages. I have to say Elliott, the drummer, has to be the craziest member of the band. Some insane faces are pulled, flailing arms and legs topped off with a blonde afro that floats around throughout. It’s a sight to behold.

How have the December regional shows gone for you guys? Are crowds singing back to you lyrics from your new single?

The shows have been incredible, each and every one has been busy and buzzing with people even in the likes of Cardiff and Bristol which we’d never played at before. Crowds are singing back lyrics from singles we haven’t even released yet which is insane but top notch.

What do you guys think of the current state of mainstream rock? Do you think it’s easy for new rock bands to gain exposure with the amount of musical platforms?

I think it’s difficult for any band to get anywhere without leverage from someone or something that can expose them. A tool that’s been a key for our exposure to the people is busking. Without that we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, yeah without radio, big labels/management getting behind you it’s tough but it can be done, we’re doing ok. Be creative! 

2017 is coming close, what have you guys got lined up in the first few months?

The first few months of 2017 we’re gonna come out with a bang. New singles in the pipeline and a great plan for 2017 bigger and better things x

Check out the video for ‘Do You Have A Name’ above…BOOM! : Glass Caves ‘Do You Have A Name?’

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