BOOM! : Gardenback ‘Bulldogs’

Back in July we went to Gardenback’s debut single launch gig at Jimmy’s and what a show they put on!

Now the trio are back with a brand new track ‘Bulldogs’. A rapid, dirty bassline fits perfectly beneath the roaring vocals and gritty riffs. “B-U-L-L-D-O-G!” gives an added bonus to a live set, as you can imagine the crowd chanting along to the bruising track. We spoke to the lads about their “music for the anxious loner” and what they’ve got in store as the year comes to a close.

Hey guys congrats on the new single! How does it feel to release it into the world?

Ellis: It’s really great to have it out. We’ve really enjoyed playing it live over the last few months, so we’re dead happy people can finally hear it!

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for the track?

Ellis: I’d started writing the song a few years ago after seeing an EDL march in Oldham, I was struck by how determined they were to be hateful and I wanted to write something to kind of patronise that attitude a little bit. When we started playing around with the riff a few months ago in rehearsals, those lyrics just seemed to really fit the aggressive energy of the song.

Out of all the dog breeds, what made you choose a bulldog?

Ellis: It came really naturally because of the whole “British Bulldog” thing.

Do any of you have a dog, if not what would you have if you could get one?

Ellis: I do have a dog, he’s a Dalmatian called Rudi! The guy who owns our rehearsal room actually has a bulldog called Spud that we all really like so maybe they’re not all bad.

Can you tell us about the background for Gardenback?

Ellis: We’ve known each other for a long time and we’ve been playing together for a while, but in the last year we’ve really started to push on with writing a full set of songs!

You’ve had a great summer, releasing previous singles and playing some huge shows! What’s been the highlight of it?

Ellis: Playing Cotton Clouds a real highlight! It meant a lot for us to play at a local festival – we all went to school within walking distance of the site, and it was really nice to be asked to play in the festivals first year!

How would you describe your sound to an alien?

Neil: Music for the anxious loner.

What have you got in store with us over the next few months?

Neil: Our next big gig will be taking place on December 8th, we’ve been organising it with our management ‘Elephant Management’ and we have some amazing bands joining us. Last year we did a similar thing last year at The Castle Hotel, it was an incredibly special gig. Everyone was so generous and we raised a lot of money for the homelessness charity Lifeshare, we just hope we can top it this year! Also expect another single release before the year closes.

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