BOOM! : Gallery Circus 'The Flood'

BOOM! : Gallery Circus ‘The Flood’

Today’s BOOM! brings you an infectious slice of raw pop-rock in the shape of Gallery Circus with their energy-fuelled single ‘The Flood’.

Consisting of identical twin brothers Daniel and Graeme Ross, the band have earned comparisons to the likes of Royal Blood and You Me At Six thanks to their appreciation for thrashing riffs, catchy hooks and pummelling rhythms. Following on from ‘Club House Killer’, ‘The Flood’ is yet another punky offering from the duo; quickly winning you over with its riotous energy and infectious melodies.

Ready to follow in the footsteps of their many punk and pop-rock influences, GIGsoup caught up with Gallery Circus to hear more about the track and their plans for the future…

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Hi guys, can you tell us a bit about ‘The Flood and what inspired it?

We were staying in an apartment in Slough just over a year ago when on tour supporting Arcane Roots. We had fallen asleep about 2am and awoke to the sound of a fire alarm ringing. Thinking it wasn’t the real thing, we casually pulled ourselves together and decided to leave our room. Surprisingly, our door opened to a massive gust of smoke. Realising this was the real deal we raced to the fire exit through a labyrinth of stair wells and cark parks. Finally, I smashed the emergency exit open and escaped to freedom. We later found out that someone in the room next to us had got drunk and left a pizza to burn in an oven – sleeping through the whole ordeal! Not really life threatening, but at the time, the fear was real – the type of fear you only experience a few times in your life.

How did you come up with the video concept?

We work with a friend who runs a great video production company in Newcastle (Melting Pot Media) and he always suggests crazy ideas that apparently most bands turn down! Wanting to push the boundaries and do something fun we decided upon the idea of a murderous bride, tearing up a church. Once we hire the SWAT team uniforms, we were all set.

Do you share songwriting responsibilities?

I’m normally the one responsible for shaping a basic melody and lyrics, but Graeme will tear into the material I bring to practise until the songs normally mutate into something that is entirely different. I think it’s the bond of being twins that allow us him be so brutally honest with the stuff I write. When I get angry and often physically attack him for the grief he gives me over a specific chord progression, all is forgotten the next day!

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When did you start playing music together and get the band started?

Graeme and I have been playing music together since we were 5 years old. We’ve improved very slightly since then and have gigged in many bands over the years. Gallery Circus took shape a few years back when we both emigrated to Chicago for a bit. Having got swept along in the DIY punk rock scene in the hipster neighbourhood Wicker Park, our first few shows included debaucherous house parties and punk gang clubhouses.

Who are your biggest influences?

David Bowie is a big influence to both of us, we grew up on his epic jams. More recently bands such as Cold War Kids, Dr Dog and Arcane Roots can be found in our most listened to Spotify playlists. Performance wise, The Dresden Dolls have had the greatest impact on how we try and portray ourselves on stage.

How would you describe 2016 in three words?

Amusing, Bizarre, Trump.

What’s in store for 2017?

We’ll be releasing our debut EP in the first few months of next year. We’re excited to put out the tracks that we feel have finally captured our raw live energy. On top of that, more gigs and a bunch of singles.