BOOM! : FRIEND 'The Evening Crowns The Day'

BOOM! : FRIEND ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’

Today’s track of the day comes from Swiss Musician Dominik Huber aka FRIEND, with his ethereal debut UK single ‘The Evening Crowns The Day First’.

Huber has spent the last couple of years piecing together his mesmerising solo album, crafting a unique musical portal to his enchanting world.

Exploring human suffering and loneliness through raw lyrics, the song conveys a plethora of empathy and depth in combination with dreamy guitars, piano and drums.  The first of a series of songs offering a guiding arm through those paralysing  moments in life.

GIGsoup caught up with FRIEND to talk about the track and more…

How did you decide on your musical style? Are there any notable influences in your music?

FRIEND is my first solo project. After many years of playing in several Swiss and international bands I decided that it was time to create my very own sound. I locked myself up into a small room with only a guitar, a Wurlitzer piano, an old Roland 2000 synth and some percussion and recorded all the songs by myself. My wish was to produce a pop album with beautiful melodies, strong sounds and meaningful lyrics.

If you had to describe your sound in 4 words what would it be?

Cheesy, creamy, catchy, dreamy.

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How does your creative process work? Do you have control on your sound and music video ideas? 

I work fast and without breaks. The phase of composing is super intense. Many things, such as the (yet to be released) video ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’ happen spontaneously. I was travelling through the pampas of Argentina with my friend, a director. Nature was just too beautiful not to capture it. FRIEND has neither rules nor obligations.

Tell us something your fans may not know about FRIEND?

Even I don’t know that much about this really shy and friendly creature. I just met FRIEND. But I’m sure I can tell you more at a later date, I get to know FRIEND better and better.

Any exclusive news your fans may not be expecting this year?

FRIEND is about to start with the second record.

Your album narrative encompasses something really deep and true that we can all relate to, what were your paralyzing moments in life? And how did you get through it?

There were a few different paralyzing moments in my life, but the worst moments were losses. And this sounds like a cliché, but music was always a healer. Actually the whole album is a reflection on being lonely after experiencing a loss. What can I say, music is a good friend.

Other than being a success, what do you hope to achieve from the song? Or what have you achieved already?

It means a lot to me that people actually listen to that song. When I play ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’, the audience is always very focused. This is a beautiful moment for a musician.

Why have you chosen to release ‘The Evening Crowns The Day’ first?

This song represents the whole spirit of the record. Even if it’s one of the slower songs. And it’s one of my favourites.BOOM! : FRIEND 'The Evening Crowns The Day'

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