Today’s Track of the Day comes from Scottish band Fatherson. We talk to Vocalist and guitarist Ross Leighton about the single ‘Just Past The Point of Breaking

It’s something quite special for any band to play alongside their musical inspirations, but it’s not something that many get to do so early on in their career. Fatherson, a young band from Scotland, have already managed to do just that. With their new album soon to be released, and having recently played a gig supporting Biffy Clyro, the band are on their way to great success and an exciting year ahead. Vocalist and guitarist, Ross Leighton, talks to GIGsoup about their new album and latest single, and what it was like to be chosen to play alongside their fellow Scottish musical heroes.

Who inspired you musically growing up, and would you say they have influenced the music you make?

Ross: When we were young we listened to bands like Idlewild, Biffy Clyro and Stereophonics alongside a lot of the bands in Ayrshire at the time. Going to see bands play locally really inspired us to start playing and discovering bigger acts really gave us the drive to start writing and playing music seriously.

You’ve got a new album coming out in June called Open Book. What can we expect from the album?

I think that it’s the most cohesive body of work we’ve ever produced and I also think that the songs on this album really captured where we were as a band last year. We’d just come home from SXSW and felt like it was time to write a new album, and it happened pretty quickly. I think the whole process from beginning to end took about four months. So people can expect an album that we are all really proud of and has some absolute tunes on it.

Your latest song, ‘Just Past The Point of Breaking’ is from the new album. What’s the song about?

This song is about that feeling of losing something you thought was really important but then realising that it didn’t really matter that much in the first place.

You recently got chosen to support Biffy Clyro in Germany for a special show. How did it feel to be chosen for it, and then play that show?

It was a pretty surreal moment when we found out about the Biffy show. We’ve always wanted to play with them and we love playing shows in Germany, so it was the perfect email to receive. This was our first real experience of an arena show and it was brilliant. Everyone in the Biffy team and at the venue were great, and the crowd was amazing! It will be an amazing memory forever, I think.

You’ve got an exciting Summer ahead with multiple shows with some great artists, and a great end to it at Bestival! What are you most looking forward to?

I think I’m most looking forward to getting Open Book out and seeing how people react to it over all the shows we have over summer. We’re playing some festivals we’ve never played before like Lindesfarne, 110 Above and Bestival!


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