BOOM! : EMILIE 'Never Enough'

BOOM! : EMILIE ‘Never Enough’

Immersing us in a world of deeply intricate and atmospheric electronica, Edinburgh-based artist EMILIE is ready to take the music industry by storm with the release of her new single ‘Never Enough’.

Delving into themes of greed and selfish desire, the track is a brooding piece of electro-pop which effortlessly blends her soaring vocals together with a backdrop of multi-layered beats. Boasting a slick and nuanced production that is reminiscent of BANKS and Lapsley, the emotionally fraught number is more than suggestive of a bright future ahead.

Officially out on March 10th via Depot Records, we caught up with singer to hear more about the track and the Edinburgh music scene.

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Can you tell us a bit about ‘Never Enough’ and its inspiration?

It’s inspired from something I’d been thinking about for a while on how disposable we are with things. We want something for ages and then once we’ve got it, it lacks importance because we’re already thinking of the next thing. I’m guilty of it too, it was very much a thought process.

Who would you say are your biggest influences at the moment?

I go through phases of crushing on artists music which then in turn inspires me, so I guess just now I’m pretty influenced by The XX and The Japanese House. It varies at different times with other artists too.

What led you down the path of electro-pop? Have you found your sound has developed greatly since you started?

My sound has developed so much since I started writing. I used to just be vocals and piano. My voice definitely has more of a style now than it did before. I went down the path of electro-pop though because I always loved synths and I just started experimenting with different synth sounds mainly just on a computer to begin with and I just genuinely like the sounds and playing about with them so it was just a natural thing for me really. I just go with what I like the sound of.

The Scottish music scene is really thriving right now. Why do you think this is?

I think there’s so much talent and quite a range of styles just now. There’s also a lot of support for bands and artists from so many different places in the industry – fellow musicians, bloggers, promoters etc.

As an emerging artist, what are your thoughts on the recent announcement that the Electric Circus will be closing this month? How will it affect the Edinburgh music scene?

I think it’s a really sad prospect. I feel so lucky to have been able to play there a couple of weeks ago before it closed. It was on my mind at the time but I thought I would get another chance at some point before it was due to close. I’m not really sure we can say at this point how it’ll affect the Edinburgh scene but losing well loved music venue of its size for local bands is undoubtedly going to have a negative impact.

What are the rest of your plans for 2017?

Just to keep playing more shows, writing, releasing and hopefully a couple of festivals in the summer time.

BOOM! : EMILIE 'Never Enough'