Scandinavian rock musician Ebbot Lundberg releases his version of Lorde’s critically acclaimed ‘Royals’ as his next single. The track keeps the melody we’ve come to know and love, but is put on it’s head with rocky strings and Ebbot’s powerful, abrasive vocals. The new single brings his new backing band The Indigo Children into the picture, and with their raw voices it’s clear to see why he chose this group to help bring his career to the top!

Having been in two of Scandinavia’s biggest selling bands, Union Carbide Productions (1986-1993) and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (1994-2012), Lundberg is embarking on a solo career that has already seen him soar to great heights with the release of his previous solo album ‘For The Ages To Come’. GIGsoup’s Tara Atkinson caught up with the man himself ahead of the single release.

Hey Ebbot, congratulations on the new single! How does it feel release it into the world?

Thanks! Quite interesting really.

‘Cause it´s the first time I’ve ever released a cover version, it’s something that I´d never thought of doing to be honest.

It’s a cover of Lorde’s fantastic single ‘Royals’, was it difficult to cover a song so well known and make it your own?

The main reason I did it was because it was sung in acapella and I really liked the melody, which is quite unusual nowadays when you listen to the radio.

And so by sheer curiosity I started to think how it might sound with chords. So I recorded it during the sessions of my previous album “For The Ages To Come”. And it turned out fine I think. But it didn’t fit in to the album so it became a single instead.

How did you come to the decision to release a cover as oppose to an original piece?

I first intended this one to be a flipside of a song called “To Be Continued” from my last album.

But I thought it was too good to end up as a B-side and I realised that radio very seldom play my original material. 

Maybe because I just recently started as a solo artist or maybe because I don´t very often have a typical radio friendly chorus in most of my songs. So this one may lead people to discover what I´m all about.

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You’ve drafted in your brilliant new backing band The Indigo Children, how did they come to your attention?

By an advert. It was easy and went sort of: “Druid dude seeking gifted cherubs with a psych-angelic touch”. And shortly thereafter they were all there at my door ready to ascend with me.

Coming from two of Scandinavia’s most influential bands, Union Carbide Productions (1986-1993) and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (1994-2012), is it hard to journey into solo work? 

Not really because I was the main writer in these two bands. So I would say the opposite. But on the other hand it´s easier in my case to have a band name maybe.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before? 

“Melodic prehistoric and temporary flowing sounds for your further spiritual development blended with rock ´n´ roll music spiced with a touch of garage psych in a futuristic mindscape”.

Or just plain and simple: “Space rock phantasmagoria”.

Do you think your past experiences with these two bands and having been in the music industry for over three decades has influenced your music as a solo artist?

It would be very strange or stupid to say no. I guess everything I´ve seen and heard so far on this planet has influenced me for some reason.

And certainly these two groups that I´ve been trying so hard to lead through the amusement parks of the past.

You’ve got an album coming out this autumn, could you tell us what we can expect from it?

Well, to be frank and to tell you the truth it will probably come out at some point next year apart from another single maybe.

What you can expect from it I cannot say, but I know it´s mine right now and soon it will be yours. And the title is “The Kybalion”.

What can we expect from an Ebbot Lundberg gig?

A lot of free associations and probably the best value ever for your hard earned money of course!

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