BOOM! : Dish Pit ‘1000 Ways to Die’

Canadian punk band Dish Pit (“If you don’t speak French in Montreal, it’s the dish pit for you,” the press release explains) have an energetic and ferocious new track out titled ‘1000 Ways to Die’. Featuring Nora Kelly’s passionate vocals and a Nirvana-like guitar sound, “this track is meant to be an exploration into why everyone my age is seemingly depressed,” Kelly says. “’Is it the hormones in our milk or video games?’ is implying that it could be a chemical or lifestyle thing but there’s also supposed to be an element of knowing that depression is an over-glorified element of my generation’s existence.”

The Montreal outfit is currently on its UK tour with an upcoming performance at The Great Escape Festival.

We caught up with Nora, Brianna, and Jack of Dish Pit to talk about ‘1000 Ways to Die’ and future plans.

How did you guys meet and when did you decide to start making music together?

I woke up with a psychic dream that Jack would arrive from England and the next morning he was deposited on our doorstep by a ginormous crane. At the time Bri and I were living in an abandoned mitten factory of circus freaks, musicians and smackheads. Jack would fit in just fine. There was a bunch of instruments around the abandoned factory and so we started playing to kill time. Brianna slapped no bass so we taught her how and now she’s the most talented musician of the band.

Do you have similar influences?

Not at all. Nora’s a big jazz boy, Jack has a classical music degree and makes electronic music on the side and Brianna’s covered head to toe in modest tattoos but only listens to weepy emo bands.

The track sounds a bit less lo-fi but equally hard-hitting as ‘Trash Queen’. Did you approach this new single differently?

Both singles were recorded at the same studio in the same weekend but I wrote 1000 ways to die years after trash queen.

Do you plan on releasing a new EP or album any time soon?

Yeah we did 3 months in Montreal in the dead of a negative 30 degree winter recording an 11 track album. An EP from the album will be released in August and the whole shabang will come out in February. 
How has your UK tour been going?

We’re just excited to have a van really. We’ve been alternating between jack’s childhood mates’ apartment in Liverpool where we sleep in an ashtray and then traveling to his parents gorgeous, soon to open ‘glam’ping site called ‘valley yurts’ where we get to live in a yurt and chase baby sheep around the Welsh countryside. So essentially the trip has been unreal, such good fun!