The debut album from Devan DuBois entitled ‘Le Fou’ will arrive in late Summer via Sensibility Music.
Introducing Devan DuBois, and his track ‘Long Live’.

BOOM! : Devan DuBois – ‘Long Live’

An absolutely cracking tune graces todays’s GIGsoup Track of the Day trophy cabinet. The problem here though is that we usually give you in-depth details about the artist, their back catalogue and any future releases or tours. And boy-oh-boy today this is a problem.

Try to find anything out about Devan DuBois and you run into brick wall after brick wall. Even the usual PR release has an awful amount of blank white space where usually there are paragraphs of info about how the artist gained inspiration from a yellow daffodil that used to grow in his neighbours garden. But no, not in this case. As a music journalist i almost feel a little inadequate, like i’m not doing my job properly. If don’t even know his favourite colour.

However, the lack of information should take nothing away from a track that stands head and shoulders above most of this months general releases. Couple the track with a quite arty video (directed by Chuck David Willis) and you have a few minutes of utter magic on your hands.

We are promised an album, currently titled ‘Le Fou’, from the artist in late summer and we’ll obviously give you a review of that, and any other info we come across, when we have it. Enjoy ‘Long Live’ .. it’s out on Sensibility Music right now.

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