Boom! : Days Of May ‘Oh Jane’

Know as one half of Groove Armarda, Andy Cato has recently announced the release of a new album under he name ‘Days Of May’. A band that began when Andy walked in on a jam session in the town of Auch, South West France, we got him to tackle our ‘Boom!’ questions so we could find out a little more about ‘Days Of May’ …

When did you first start making music?

My dad was a jazz trombone player and got me playing the blues on piano as soon as I could sit up straight so we could jam together.

What drives you to continue to writer and produce new music?

No matter what is going in on in life (and these days as a farmer by day there’s quite a lot going on) there’s nevertheless always going to be those moments when I have to sit down and play music. And from that comes ideas, and once the ideas have started, they keep going around my head until they’re turned into finished songs. Meeting the other guys in the band down here led to me rediscovering all kinds of ideas I’d been carrying around for a long time but which weren’t suited to the GA sound. It was a big release getting back into a room with no computer – just guitar , bass, drums, piano and a microphone.

In recent years what new artists have influenced your sound?

She Keeps Bees should have been a superstar. Christine and the Queens, The Horrors, LCD keep making great music. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever…

What was the inspiration behind your new album ‘Casual Destruction’?

The farming I’m doing is an attempt at a practical response to pretty existential environmental and social questions we’re faced with. The DOM album was a set of songs on the same subject that I really wanted to get out there.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

It’s the 21st anniversary of GA so we’re on the road a bit. DOM are gigging too. These days there are weekly visits to the farm to see our growing method. From school students and farmers, plus another years’ worth of research to push forward. 80 odd animals and 300kg of bread to be made every day. So that should keep me going for the rest of the year.

The album ‘Causal Destruction’ is available now via Stella Polaris Music