BOOM! : COTE 'Green Light'

BOOM! : COTE ‘Green Light’

Today’s track of the day comes from Brooklyn newcomer COTE.  Blending hypnotic synth, ethereal melodies, and delicate folk riffs, COTE is the stunning musical project of Taryn Randall.  ‘Green Light’ is only her second single, yet already she is making ripples throughout the music industry.

Unique and stunning combinations of Stevie Nicks-esque melodies, Joni Mitchell style guitar, and vocals that perfectly balance vulnerability with passion, ensure a style of psychedelic indie-pop that is truly unique.

We were lucky enough to talk to COTE about her newest release.

You’ve only recently emerged onto the music scene, with ‘London’ being released a few months ago.  How did you decide that this was the right time to begin releasing your music?

I had been writing for about 4 years and throughout that time had attempted a few collaborations, but they kept falling through.  I never wanted to rush the recording or writing process, so when all the pieces fell into place, I knew it was time to release the project.

Has music always been a part of your life?

Yes.  I started singing in church at a very young age and grew up doing musical theater, playing piano, etc.

This is my first solo project, but some aspect of music has always been present in my life.

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Your style is unique, and hard to compare to existing artists.  How did you find your musical style?

The music that I grew up listening to (Springsteen, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac) is what I still listen to today.  From a songwriting perspective, a lot of my melodies and compositions are influenced by these artists. Musically, my producer Jeremy McDonald found a way to take those influences and modernize them.  There was a great collaborative effort between us on all of these tracks.

Have any other bands/artists/genres influenced your sound at all? 

Favuorite female influences (current and past) would be Jenny Lewis, Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Gillian Welch, Judee Sill and of course, Stevie Nicks.

As a Brooklyn girl, do you feel that your surroundings have impacted your music at all?

I have a really amazing community of musicians, artist and designers who have been very encouraging throughout this process.  I don’t think this final product would look the way it does without them.

‘Green Light’ has a heartfelt and ethereal quality to it.  Did anything in particular inspire the creative process behind this track?

Jeremy brought me that lead guitar line and then I wrote the rest of the song based off of that.  It was the opposite of our usual process (I write, then give to Jeremy to produce), so the approach felt different as well.  Since it started as a musical track, it made sense to leave some of that space, which I think lends to its ethereal quality.

If you had to sum up your music in one sentence, what would it be?

My music focuses a lot on loss and recovery- something that is both present and a distant memory.

‘Green Light’ is out now via! : COTE 'Green Light'

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