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Formerly the principal member of Canadian pop group, Bossanova, Chris Storrow is no stranger to the music industry. This time however, he takes on his new venture as a solo artist after a break from the band, bringing his folky-pop sounds back to life with his debut album, ‘The Ocean’s Door’.

Tell us a little about how you got into music.

My friend’s uncle was only about 6 years older than us and had some great mix tapes of 60s music: The Stones, Doors, Who, etc. At age 14 I was hooked, but it was several more years before I picked up an instrument.

Has your new venture as a solo artist made you miss being a part of a band or do you prefer working on your own?

Bossanova was a band in name only for many years, so I’ve had a long time to get used to it. I can’t say I really miss being in a group, but I do love working with people. I guess I have a problem with monogamy.

You’ve got your new album, ‘The Ocean’s Door’, coming out in February. This is your first solo album – how was it recording this one? Was the process a lot different to recording your last album with Bossanova?

This one was a joy to make. I made sure that it a was fun process, and that was facilitated by some great collaborators who always delivered something special. The last Bossanova was difficult because everything that could have gone wrong, did.  I tried to produce it myself on a tape machine, and I’m not a very good engineer. This time I left the technical stuff to more competent people.

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‘A True Christian’ is the first release from the album. Why did you pick this song in particular to be released first?

It seems like a natural single. It’s got the hooks and big emotion that you normally associate with one. I also like the idea of giving people the chance to hear the Eno-style EBow solo.

Kurt Dahle of the New Pornographers plays drums on the track. How did this collaboration come around?

I’ve known Kurt for years. He ended up playing on the last Bossanova record. During those sessions, we started talking about doing a more straightforward type of record. We were listening to Petula Clark, early Bee Gees, Herb Alpert, Laura Nyro.  Stuff with clean melodies. I’m not sure if most of those influences are apparent in the end result.

Have you any plans coming up that you can tell us about?

I just finished tracking the rhythm section for the next album. I’ll chip away at the overdubs over the course of the year.

Any other exciting collaborations? Tours, or other surprises?

I’ve collaborated again with George Donoso III and Evan Cranley on the drums and bass respectively. Fantastic players. No tour plans yet. I’ll start with local shows, and work my way up to that at some point.

With a selection of soulful pop songs to charm your ears, the long awaited album, ‘The Ocean’s Door’, is out now. Nine years since his last record with Bossanova, Storrow has had the time to make this album his perfect comeback, and he’s done a pretty good job of it. With its upbeat vibes and catchy tunes, Storrow has as created a heartfelt release that deserves an audience.

BOOM! : Chris Storrow 'A True Christian'

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