BOOM! : Chasing Dragons ‘Like Gravity’

Renowned for pushing their incredible thunderous riffs into full throttle, Leeds hard-rockers Chasing Dragons certainly don’t hold anything back when it comes to creating insanely addictive metal tracks. With the release of their debut album ‘Faction’ just around the corner, we are treated to a snippet of what is to come with ‘Like Gravity’. GIGsoup’s Evie Myers caught up with front-woman Tank to get the inside scoop on their first release from ‘Faction’ and how this amazing quartet came to be.

I suppose the first question really should be, have you caught any dragons yet?

Hahaha! No not yet.. ever hopeful though!

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and about the Chasing Dragons journey so far?

Sure, we’re a four piece band hailing from Leeds and we play rocket fuelled heavy rock. We’ve been playing together for roughly four years and we’re just about to release our first album “Faction”.

How would you describe your sound to a drunk stranger?

Imagine Halestorm had a baby with Avenged Sevenfold, and then that baby grew up to marry Brody Dalle. That’s pretty much who we are!

As a band, are you heavily influenced by other people’s sounds or do you just go down your own path and see where inspiration takes you?

We’re pretty much a ship floating wherever the current takes us. A sum of our parts. We don’t actively try for a particular sound, it just a sum of what each of us in the band brings to the writing room!

Now onto your latest single Like Gravity: it twists and turns in ways you could never expect, with outstanding riffs, driving percussion and a devilishly catchy chorus with killer vocals that you can’t forget in a minute. It’s definitely something you have to put on repeat! How did this little gem come to life?

Thank you for the kind words! Well it started with a riff… then some rhythm restructuring… and then it actually got rewritten a few times structurally, then finally it was ready for lyrics! The theme always comes from the feel of the song. We tend to go back through our songs after the lyrics to push and pull the musical sections to make sure everything fits well.

How did the concept for the Like Gravity music video come together?

That was quite a natural progression from the feel and theme of the song. It just made sense!

How does it feel to have your debut album out later this year, and what should we expect from it?

Oh man, we can’t wait! It’s wild, exciting, unexpected and holds a lot of variety. It’s been due for a while and taken us a lot of blood, sweat and passion!! We hope our fans enjoy it as much as we do!

Is there anything about the world of music today that you would like to change?

Yes, a few things, but mainly about how hard it can be for bands at our level to just get out and tour with bands larger than ourselves. Above anything, we’d abolish “buy-ons”. They make the industry at our level stale and exclusive.

It sounds like you’ve had a busy year already, but what does the rest of your 2018 look like?

Like awesomeness! An album launch, UK tour, a couple of festivals and then we hibernate for the winter where we’ll be writing new tunes!


Chasing Dragons’ debut album ‘Faction’ is available from October 5th.

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