Charlotte Carpenter is today’s exclusive BOOM! ‘Track of the Day’. GIGsoup first saw her perform live at the Handmade Festival and her harmonic tones and mesmerising songwriting skills make this artist a worthy BOOM! 

Having previously toured with the likes of George Ezra, Hannah Lou Clark and Marika Hickman, to name a few, Carpenter’s talent has already come to the attention of the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and BBC Radio 6 as well as Virgin Radio.

Carpenter has recently released her new single ‘Burn’ from her current EP ‘How Are We Ever To Know?’, which was released on the 10th of June via her own label ‘Let It Go Records’. Her new music video is inticing, emotional and stunning – you can watch this above. 

GIGsoup wanted to find out more about the Leicestershire artist and her influences….

‘Burn’ is your new single from your ‘How Are We Ever To Know?‘ EP. What is the story behind the song and what made you pick it as your new single?

Burn is the last song from the EP and the final story to tell from the demise of my first serious relationship. It’s a realisation, that came with frustration, that I wasn’t brave or honest enough to tell the truth. It’s a song about burdening yourself with guilt. It feels like a pivotal moment, one which many could relate too.  

What was the inspiration behind your new video? Did you know what visual aspect of the song you wanted to portray?

My good friends, Ruth and Ross from Penny In The Arrow directed this video. I knew I wanted something heart-breaking to sit alongside my song but their ideas and script made such an emotional story for Burn. They’ve made it seem as though we are looking in on something we shouldn’t be, but something so relatable as we follow the story of a man trying to move on.

‘Let It Go’ is your own record label. What made you release your own imprint as opposed to other routes, and do you feel you are at an advantage with your music within a competitive industry?

I care a lot about growing my own business and career whilst maintaining as many of my rights as possible. However I don’t particularly feel that I’m at an advantage, I feel like I’ve chosen the hardest way to achieve what I want, but I know in the long run it’ll be worth it. You can never afford to dip from view in this industry, you literally have to just keep going.

With such success on your previous material and EP ‘The Fault Line.’ How does your new material differ or relate to your previous material?

The new EP and ‘The Fault Line’ are closely linked, however my song writing is becoming braver. It feels more honest and mature. Musically, I’m finding a home for myself which I began to touch on in ‘The Fault Line’ and I feel like ‘How Are We Ever To Know?’ embraces that too. They’re both quite dark and bluesy and that’s something I know I’ll continue to explore.

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In terms of your songwriting, has any aspect of your growth as a musician made the musical process harder or easier in your latest material?

I’ve spent a lot of time practicing the guitar, so in the very early stages of writing I can get carried away playing different guitar riffs and lose space for a vocal melody, so I just have to make sure I get the balance right. Although I adore playing guitar, song writing has always been my thing and I don’t want that to slip.

Are there any different musical styles you would like to explore in the near future and/or anyone you would like to collaborate with?

I don’t think I’ll change drastically, I think I’ll just continue to progress in the world of blues and Americana, but I don’t like to feel restricted or play to genre specifics, so if something begins to sound slightly different, I’ll embrace it and go with it. In a dream world, I’d love to collaborate with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys.

GIGsoup first caught your performance at Handmade Festival. What would you say you love most about performing, and what is the worst thing?

The best thing is being able to tell my stories to an audience first hand, and feel them in the room with me. The worst thing about performing is needing to burp often when I’m singing and feeling terrified one might fall out on the mic!

What are your goals for the near future? Any exciting things in the pipeline?

I’ll begin recording again in a few weeks and that’s my plan for the summer, as well as planning another tour for the Autumn. I have a nice adventure coming up to Lithuania with the band. We are playing a blues festival out there and it’s our first fly away show, I’m really so excited.

Check out Charlotte’s new EP now!

EP track listing 

1 Am I Alone In This

2 Contracts

3 Electric

4 Last Love

5 Burn

This Charlotte Carpenter article was written By Sarah Ebockayuk, Track of the Day Editor. Photo credit John Pridmore Photography.

BOOM! : Charlotte Carpenter 'Burn'

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