BOOM! : Charity Shop Pop ‘Always You’

Liverpool-based Charity Shop Pop will release his effortlessly shiny and razor sharp new single ‘Always You’ on December 7th. He creates laid back, ambient tunes, full of melodies that park in your head for days, and make you want to either cry or dance along to

Introduce yourself and the members of the group?

Hey! I’m David, and I’m Charity Shop Pop!

How did you come up with the name Charity Shop Pop?

Literally my life is charity shops! Half my wardrobe must be from charity shops, like, weird and wacky shirts, that are like dirt cheap! I just love finding weird and quirky stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else! I got a few pedals and things like that from charity shops as well, so it’s kind of ingrained in every aspect of me and my music.

What artists have influenced your sound?

That’s a good question.  I suppose like from Tame Impala to like The Beach Boys. When I started writing new material this summer, bands like Swim Deep, Jaws and Softer Still were heavily ingrained in my head.  So I think you can hear some of that in some of my stuff.

What was the inspiration behind your new single ‘Always You’?

Initially when I was writing it, I was trying to go for a Surf Rock vibe, which you could hear in the demo.  But it kind of developed further than that into this dreamy indie track in the studio. Lyrically it’s inspired by my girlfriend and my feelings towards her, which I think is pretty clear to hear. Lyrics are something I’ve always struggled with.  But I felt like I was onto a winner with this song fairly early on.

What are your aims and hopes for 2019?

My aims are to just get more known in the gigging world round Liverpool, maybe by the end of the year play a small headline show, that would be cool. My dream would be to play Sound City, that would just be incredible. I’m just trying to start slow and build up my confidence and get some momentum, and just see where it all goes.

What are your favourite albums of 2018?

The way that music works in this day and age means I haven’t really listened to many albums this year, I’m more of a Spotify playlist sort of person at the moment. In actual fact, I think the only album I’ve heard has been Pale Waves, which was a bit hit and miss. I don’t think there’s been many albums brought out in my musical field of choice either. Having said that The 1975 are bringing out an album soon, so that’ll probably hit the spot.

What new bands from Liverpool should everyone be checking out?

Ooh, where do I start? I’ll just rattle them off! Spinn, Paris Youth Foundation, The Night Cafe, Pizzagirl, The Bohos, The Preamps, Tracky, Niki Kand, Sara Wolff, Bill Nickson.  I could go on. I think Liverpool certainly has one of the best live scenes in the country.  There are new live bands popping up left right and centre.  It’s a city that properly cares about its music, and it’s quite humbling to be a part of it.

‘Always You’ will be released on Decmber 7th December by The Label Recordings.