BOOM! : Cattle & Cane 'Birdsong'
BOOM! : Cattle & Cane 'Birdsong'

BOOM! : Cattle & Cane ‘Birdsong’

This Cattle & Cane ‘Track of the Day’ article was written by Bee Adamic, a GIGsoup contributor

Consisting of siblings Joe, Helen, Fran and Vin Hammill, with family friend Tom Chapman on percussion, Cattle & Cane’s perfectly crafted indie-pop songs showcases the kind of soaring harmonies that are only synonymous with siblings.

The band’s last single ‘Birdsong’ tells the story of a ballet dancer trapped in the struggle of everyday life. Trying to make ends meet, with finances spiralling of control. The song is steeped with plenty of emotion. The marching drums seem to add to the intensity as the song swells into each chorus.

Tell us about the dynamics in the band, obviously there are siblings.. how does that work out?

We travel in separate vehicles, try not to talk to each other and make sure we keep our distance! Ha, not really – we actually don’t mind each others company that much, so the dynamic works out quite well.

You guys seem to have quite the following, has it always been this way?

We’ve had some pretty loyal fans from the word go and that’s been amazing for us. Our fanbase has gradually got bigger and bigger, especially up here in the North East, which is really positive. We’re super excited to go on tour in February and meet lots of new people along the way!

Your latest video Birdsong is beautifully shot, can you tell us about the story and why you choose it

Birdsong is all about overcoming those rough patches in life. We loved the idea of dancing in the video and ballet suited it down to the ground. The song is all about determination so we loved the story of the girl and how determined she was to achieve her goals.

How important is it for you to support a single with a video?

Very important! We love getting creative and coming up with ideas for videos. I personally love watching music videos so I’ve always found it so important to get it right and have a piece of work that stands up next to the music.

You’ve entered 2016 with a bang, what are your plans this year?

After our February tour we’ll be off to Belgium to start recording the second album! And in the meantime we’ll be writing new material and playing lots of gigs and plenty of festivals. Keep your eyes peeled on our website for all the confirmed dates:

Cattle & Cane will be embarking on a UK wide tour in February playing 16 dates, catch them at a town/city near you.

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