BOOM! : Cat Princess ‘Silver Socks’

Uppsala quintet Cat Princess are back with an infectious new single titled ‘Silver Socks’. The track is part of their upcoming album ‘Forbidden Items’, out 17 May on Rama Lama Records. Having made a name for themselves in the Swedish indie scene for their combination of indie pop and 80s art-pop, Cat Princess return with one of their most groovy and danceable tunes as vocalist Nils Krång channels his inner David Bowie on the track’s catchy “Take me to the river” chorus.

We caught up with Cat Princess to discuss the song, their upcoming album, as well as that time (actually several times) the studio got flooded.

How did you form Cat Princess?

I (Robin), Robert and Isabelle had another band before, then that band split up, but we continued. We needed a drummer and Robert knew Victor from before, so he joined. Then we played a gig at my birthday party but I had some difficulties with playing the guitar, singing and reading the lyrics on my phone all at the same time. We really needed a singer. Nils, a guitar player, and a friend of Victor’s, was at that party, and whilst there he met the bass player from his previous band. The stage was open for anyone after the gig, so Nils and Jocke played one of their old songs. After hearing Nils’ voice onstage, R, I, V and I had a quick discussion, and then asked Nils if he wanted to become the fifth member and the singer of the group. Nils said yes and just weeks later the first single was recorded.

What are some of your influences?

Late 70s-early 80’s art rock like Bowie, Roxy Music and Talking Heads have been a big influence on our music since the start. We usually mix that up with whatever we’re listening to at the moment, which can be anything from country to techno.

What was your goal with ‘Silver Socks’?

Lyrically the song is about meeting that special someone with the ability to make you forget about worldly things and soar above it all. We wanted to match that theme in the energy and the melodies of the song.

How does it stand out from the rest of the album?

Silver Socks has a good amount of a certain kind of punch to it, combined with a kind of euphoric feel. It takes the listeners attention straight away with it’s massiveness and elements of repetition, which makes it a good song to open the album with.

What were some of the difficulties of recording Forbidden Items?

During the recording both the studio and our rehearsal space got flooded, several times. That delayed the recording process. More obstacles came in the way, but luckily everything came together just in time.

What has been your favorite moment in the recording studio?

When I (Nils) wrote the lyrics to Sweet and recorded it in the studio a few hours before it was sent in for mixing. The lyrics that I had written before had become more and more distant, but in the last minute the words I use in the song came to me. I wrote it down, recorded, and sent it for mixing. Thus the record was finished. Victory.

Are you excited for the release of the album? What’s in store for you in the second half of 2019?

Yes, it’s going to be great to finally release it. Hopefully we’re going to play a lot of shows and work on new material!

‘Forbidden Items’ is available to pre-order now.