BOOM! : Black Lilys ‘Yalakta’

It was after the tragic loss of their mother in 2008 that the Black Lilys were ‘born’.

In their grief, the siblings found they were not communicating and were growing apart. Camille asked Robin to be in a band with her in an attempt to reconnect and reestablish their closeness. She says “That’s how it started. While we couldn’t communicate with words anymore, we slowly started to talk through the music.” That is why the siblings identify with the idea of the ‘phoenix reborn from its ashes’ and the cycles of life and nature or, as Robin puts it,  “we all need darkness to see the light.” So Black Lilys was born from the ashes of grief to create a beautiful, intimate, sonic soundscape, evoking both sweetness and sorrow. It wasn’t long after playing various small venues that the duo were spotted and signed to La Ruche Le Label. They went on to tour extensively playing big festivals such as Festival ALUNA (w/ TEXTAS ), FESTIVAL Jeunes Aventuriers (w/ ZEBDA) and Festival Poupet ( w/GEORGE EZRA and THE DO ). Their first album “Boxes”, drew its influences from the work of Björk, Ben Howard, Angus and Julia Stone. Such was the intimate and unique beauty of this work, Netflix featured one of the songs “Nightfall” in their hit series ‘Elite’. The song subsequently reached over a million streams.

Black Lilys offer a strikingly unique sound with their pure, organic tones. Nature has always been a massive source of inspiration to the duo and in the last few years they wrote many new songs in Scotland, falling in love with the landscapes, beautiful skies and it’s untouched and wild nature. Their new single ‘Yaläkta’ (an imaginary word) was written in this kind of environment. Camille decided to invent a unique word, from an imaginary language. A word that would perfectly fit with the exact meaning of the song: about learning how to let someone leave. The song is also about accepting the tiny signs or messages in everyday life. As Camille says “There are many if we pay attention to them and it gives such a magical meaning to our existence.” Or as one of their literary heroes, Roald Dahl, famously said “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”