BOOM! : Black Flowers Café ‘Mintaka ii’

BOOM! : Black Flowers Café ‘Mintaka ii’

With over ten thousand soundcloud spins on ‘Mintaka ii’. Black Flowers Café are shaping up their debut album with their flavoured brand of indie rock they call ‘Flower pop’. The band are Angelo, Antonio; Fernando and Gaetano write music that glides effortlessly with plenty of colour and emotion – much more effecting and graceful than most musicians out there.

What brought the band together; I doubt you all coincidently met at a café?

Angelo – Ahah! No. We had this idea…a melting pot, a place where all the influences can grow up and from where we could take inspiration for our sound. Experimentation is something that we love: we began with two EP’s, Rising Rain/Falling Ashes, the first one is more electronic while the second is more post-punk. Our first album, Black Flowers Cafe, is more personal you can find some alternative-rock and indie sound. After some time we released a double single ‘(Be/polar)’ where electronic-pop and trip-hop where the main influences. Now we’re trying to put together some indie-wave and exotic sounds, ‘Mintaka ii’ is the first preview of this new era and we are very excited about what can happen!

That makes me ask where did the name originate?

Gaetano – We loved the idea of the seed, its power of transformation originating flowers. The cafe is due to the intellectual places in the Eighteenth Century where ideas and art where shared by people. The reference to Black is linked to a Decadent view of life that is hidden in every song by Black Flowers Cafe.

You guys have quite an immersive indie rock sound, that you call ‘Flower-Pop’. What was the idea behind that? And who are your influences?

Antonio – It’s a mix of a Brit sound, something like indie-wave and post-punk and world-music and exotic sound. Actually we’re working on new things and Glass Animals, Bombay Bicycle Club‘s So Long See You Tomorrow or African and Caribbean folk tradition are what we listened to during the writing and recording process.

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We know you guys are getting ready to release something in the future, what can we expect from this that we haven’t heard from the single?

Fernando – We’re working on an album, a lot of things have happened in our lives and in the band world. We wrote a lot of songs thanks to a period when inspiration is very high! Now we’re trying to find the best dress to what we have done, working on new material too.

I imagine the video for the single was shot when you were recording the track? Are you planning to release any videos after the album release?

Gaetano – We recorded at the Isound Studio with our friends Danilo and Fabio from The Box Studio, we would like to catch the recording session. Fabio directed the video too. It has been very spiritual in a certain way! The single is full of drums and guitars, claps and reverberating guitars and there was a particular atmosphere. We felt very good and decided to work with The Box Studio and Paolo Rossi from Studio Waves for the new material. Roberto Gentili, a great illustrator, is working on the artwork. Very proud of the results at the moment!

There’s organ-sounding keyboard chords all over the single are you planning to incorporate more electronic influences or different genres in the future?

Angelo – ‘Mintaka ii’ is a very good anticipation of the new sound of Black Flowers Cafe, there will be synths, a lot of percussion, British rock and African/Caribbean rhythms with hefty bass, exotic drums, some kind of dream-pop vocals, heavenly guitars! I can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of the new stuff!

Are you guys planning to tour a few places with the future release and where would do you think you’d go?

Antonio – We would like to take the new stuff all around the world! We played a few gigs last year because we lived in the rehearsal room and in the studio. We are finalizing our set-list and hope to play it everywhere!

What’s something everyone should know about Black Flowers Cafe?

Fernando – Simply that Black Flowers Cafe’s past releases can be interesting but what will happen in the future will be very exciting. We are proud of our new songs and sound and hope to have a release the next year, giving you news very soon!BOOM! : Black Flowers Café ‘Mintaka ii’