BOOM! : Big Society ‘Marine Club Party’

Set to support the legendary combination of Bob Dylan and Neil Young in Hyde Park next month, we got Manchester newcomers Big Society to let us know a little more about them and their brand new single ‘Marine Club Party’ …

How did you form Big Society?

It all started in Fripp’s flat in the centre of Manchester, where Will & Fripp spent a lot of time recording demos of other peoples’ songs. We gradually became quite good at it, so Will decided to write his own songs for us to record. We very quickly decided to get Harry involved in the whole process as it was severely lacking in low-end. Recording demos was a great creative process for us, but eventually it was time to see how they sounded live, so we got the enigmatic Toddy in to play the tubs. It sounded great.

What are some of your influences?

The sweet, sweet dew on a morning leaf. The thunder & lightening of the days of yore. Also The Strokes.

What was the inspiration behind ’Marine Club Party’?

The song is inspired by The Motorboat Club on the Leith Docks, an establishment frequented by a younger Will. It’s hub of clunky teenage debauchery and botched attempts at romance.

What are your aims and hopes for 2019?

Fripp wants a girlfriend. Toddy needs a new car. Harry wants world peace. Will wants just a fragment of recognition.

We’d also like a little bit of face time with Bob Dylan at the Hyde Park gig on July 12th, that’s not too much to ask is it?

If you could give one tip to any aspiring bands what would it be?

Demo a song 4 times, then sit on it for a month, then re-record the demo before you take it to a studio to record it properly, don’t rush. Also get a good manager!

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