BOOM! : Bellman ‘Colored By You’

GIGsoup have the exciting opportunity of giving Norwegian artist Bellman’s new single ‘Color by You’ it’s full UK premiere. Bellman describes the track as “how we are affected by people around us, good and bad“.

‘Colored By You’ oozes dream-pop and has already had an impressive amount of international success. His previous material has been included in TV Series and film soundtracks and the artists debut Album ‘Mainly Mute’ has received high praise and has contributed substantially to the artists’ growing fan base.

GIGsoup spoke to the artist and were interested to find out if he thinks the UK is ready for a Bellmanian invasion…

You are iconic in your native Norway. What musical inspirations do you feel has taken your music to the next level?

I have a very loyal fan base in here in Norway that has followed me since my debut album in 2009. Over the years and on the next two releases, I have tried to maintain true to my sound and vision, but at the same time really tried to challenge myself and my audience. My heart has always been in the post-rock/dream-pop, but I have tried to expand my music, and explore the outer realms of these genres. To accomplish this I listen to a lot of different music with no genre restrictions. Spanning from EDM to classic pop/rock. I get inspired by good melodies and lyrics, and that transcend any musical trends and labels.

Your previous material includes your debut Album ‘Mainly Mute’ how does your new material on your new album differ musically and what direction did you want to take?

As I mention earlier, I will continue to experiment with genres on my fourth album which will be called MORPHOLOGY. On this release I have tried to combine my dreamy legacy with both acoustic and electronic vibes, which I think is quite obvious on my recent single WE ARE THE GUNS and my upcoming COLORED BY YOU.

 Your sound could be described as dreamy electro funk!! How would you describe your sound in 6 words to new fans? And what is your process to achieve this?

In 6 words: Dreamy, massive, electronic, acoustic, floating, pop.

To achieve this I always try to form a clear and basic idea in my head. Then I run these ideas by my producer, and together we will sit down and try to make some sense and structure of my sometimes lunatic ideas.

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‘COLORED BY YOU’ is your new amazing debut single! What is the notion behind the song and how did you come about collaborating with Jonas Rohde-Moe?

In short, the song is about how we are being affected by the people around us, both good and bad. The choices we make are often colored by the one you choose to associate with, so my message would be to pick your friends carefully.

I have used different producers on all of my previous albums, and as I wanted to pull this next one in a slightly electronic direction, I approached my good friend, and actually my guitarist, about producing it. He has vast experience with this genre, and was immediately exited about my inquiry. I’m happy to say that the collaboration has been extremely fruitful so far.

With your songs featured on TV commercials, TV series and film soundtracks these are all incredible landmarks. What is your next personal landmark musically in 2016?

I have been fortunate to have many of my songs featured in different visual productions, and I will obviously continue to push for these kind of opportunities, as it’s very good exposure for me and my music. I have also in the previous years been focusing on Asia, and have been doing extensive touring in this region. In 2016 I will definitely continue this venture, but also expand to include more of Europe. These days I’m focusing on the UK, and hopefully I will be able to conduct a tour throughout Britain, as well as mainland Europe. But the biggest landmark this year will no doubt be the release of my fourth album this fall.

With your music dominating international music markets, what are your expectations in the UK? Would you say the fan base and particular music style of yours differs in the UK? Is there a different approach you want to achieve in the Uk?

I hope my nordic approach will be embraced by the UK and the rest of the European music scene. I have done some shows in the UK before, and the respond was overall very positive. I definitely think that the United Kingdom is ready for a Bellmanian invasion.

What does a typical week consist of in the world of Bellman?

These days I’m doing a lot of writing, both music and lyrics. I also spend a lot of time in the studio to complete my upcoming album release. So a typical week for me would consist of writing, recording, tour-preparations and planning for upcoming events such as single releases, live sessions and interviews. A lot of work, but I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do.

Any exciting developments in 2016 for your fans? And any exclusive events for the band to look forward to?

As mentioned, I’m currently planning my live dates for this fall, so hopefully me and my band will be able to visit many venues throughout Europe and Asia.

This Bellman article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, GIGsoup Track of the Day Editor

BOOM! : Bellman 'Colored By You'