This BOOM! – Track of the Day article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo credit : Rishad Mistri

Beau are a young, fresh-faced female duo from New York who have caught the ears of the masses with songs from their debut album That Thing, Reality (out on the 11th March). GIGsoup present our Track of the Day to the duo and more importantly their new single Animal Kingdom. The track is full of fun vibes, awesome beats and flirtatious guitar sounds – a perfect concoction of musical elements.

How did you get into a career in music? Did you always know this is the path you wanted to take?

We were born into creative families, and music came naturally. We always were inspired by music and soon realized it was the only thing we wanted to do. 

…and if you weren’t musicians and you could be anything else, what would you choose to be?

We would choose to be world travellers, hitchhiking everywhere. 

‘Animal Kingdom’ is your first song taken from forthcoming album, ‘That Thing Reality’. What made you choose this song in particular to release first? Do you feel this best represents the band musically?

It is not necessarily the song that best represents us musically, but it was the last song we completed writing before recording the album, so it felt like a nightcap. 

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

Every detail inspires us from the clouds moving, to the sounds of birds blending in with car engines. The smell of jasmine. Songwriters, poets, dreams. Our parents… these are a few of our inspirations. 

Your album loosely looks at the theme of friendship. Where does ‘Animal Kingdom’ come into this what’s the story or feelings behind it?

Animal Kingdom represents a wide array of thoughts and ideas surrounding the relationship between man and beast. We believe that is it better to be friends to the earth and the creatures on the earth, instead of enemies. 

What does 2016 have in store for BEAU? Any thoughts for possible UK shows?

We are definitely playing in the UK during our European tour this coming March, Get ready!

That Thing, Reality is to be released on March 11th. Beau are currently touring, with a few dates supporting Miike Snow, followed by a number of their own shows including a UK appearance in London on the 30th. A fleeting visit, but one to take full advantage of from both band and fans.

BOOM! : Beau 'Animal Kingdom'