BOOM! : Be Forest ‘Gemini’

Italian shoegazers Be Forest return with the dark and ominous track titled ‘Gemini’. The song is the first single off their upcoming album ‘Knocturne’ out on February 8th via We Were Never Being Boring, their first since 2014’s ‘Earthbeat’, and perfectly encapsulates that nocturnal atmosphere hinted by the title by combining shoegaze vocals with a persistent drum beat and nightmarish guitars and synths more akin to blackgaze. While short and punchy, it definitely promises big things for their new album.

We caught up with Be Forest to talk about their new single, album, and future plans.

What are some of your inspirations?

It’s hard to say … Our sources of inspiration are not necessarily about music. In these years we have learned that we can work together on a basic idea or on a simple suggestion and compose an entire album with the blend of our different visions of the same point. For example, the figure hidden behind “Knocturne” is a circle, a closed shape, whose nature is to continue turning on itself.

It’s been four years since the release of your previous album. What has Be Forest been up to during that time?

Time flies! We took a break from the stages but not from the music. We spent a lot of time writing this record because we wanted it to reflect us and what we were experiencing. I think we’ve succeeded in making it as honest as possible. In addition to music, there’s the job, personal life, travels … We’ve been very busy!

Talk to us about your new song ‘Gemini’. What was the idea behind it?

“Gemini” is the last song we wrote for this album. It is a crescendo in which two faces overlap; you can breathe a “romantic” breeze given by the guitars choices on one side and on the other a techno touch. They both create a mixture of colors and nuances that are not only the sum of the two vectors, but something richer and more stratified.

What was the recording process like?

The recording studio is always a magical place. We played and recorded the album as we did in our practice room (drums, guitars and basses in this order) and then, together with Steve, our producer, we added other guitars, all sorts of percussion, synthesizers and keyboards, Eminent organ and some tape loops made with an old Revox.

It has been a long process, but there was nothing more natural; we just had to sit down and listen what the song was asking for itself.

How would you describe your upcoming album compared to your previous releases?

Surely “Knocturne” is more similar to the first release “Cold”; it’s black, moody but, of course, it’s son of contemporary time. Guitar sounds are still rooted in the 80s but nothing more.

Well, every album is impressed in our mind by a series of pictures that somehow incorporate what we felt when we wrote it. This kind of imaginary has no defined boundaries and is totally personal for everyone of us. This one, in particular, is out of focus; we put a tilt-shift lens in front of the camera and suddenly, through that, all that black thickens and turn into silver.

This is an album where the blur becomes vividness and precision.

What are your plans for 2019?

The program is to play this record around the world as much as possible and discover new places and new people. The tours we’ve done in the past few years have enriched us so much and we are ready to welcome other vibes and new energies.