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With purposeful and empowering lyrical themes, BABYTEETH are a female led alt-rock group that have a clear mission statement – to provide contagiously bouncy rock coupled with thought-provoking song narratives. With one foot in the door of 90’s grunge and the other kicking down the door of modern pop, the band are not one to sit on the fence.

From releasing their debut single, ‘Siamese Twin’ into the world, BABYTEETH’s debut was crowned with well-deserved recognition.

We catch up with the female fronted alt-rock band to chat all about their goings-on with their debut, releasing their new video, their upcoming UK shows and supporting The Naked and Famous.

What are the lyrics behind your dark debut “Siamese Twin” all about?

Camilla: It’s all about an unhealthy obsessive kind of love. Where you lose or try to change yourself to feel worthy of it. And about the external pressures that women in particular feel to change themselves physically to be accepted. We used the name Johnny as an ode to Johnny Depps awesome face in the 90’s.

Can you tell more about the recording process

Camilla: Sam and I write and demo the songs, then take it to the band to arrange together and everyone add their bits. For this song we tracked stuff individually. Most of the planning was done pre studio but a few more ideas popped up whilst we were at it too.

Eilidh: The recording process was so much fun. I tracked guitars whilst watching Friends on the studio TV and eating too many crisps with Camilla and discovered Babaganoush.


Samantha: I quite like it when we programme the drums first before recording them to get arrangement ideas. I can hear it all so much clearer that way

How hands on were you guys with the filming ideas for the video? Did the director lead in with these ideas

Camilla: Alice the director was great. It was all pretty collaborative. We started with a group brainstorm and took it from there.

If you could sum up all of your musical influences, what artists would you choose?

Eilidh: I’m an old rock n roller. Led Zep and Cream.

Samantha: Foo Fighters, Nirvana.

Camilla: People keep comparing us to Garbage and Hole. We dig those bands a lot so that’s an awesome compliment. It’s hard to pick your own influences though, ideas just come out of your brain organically. We’re definitely influenced by 90’s grunge and punk and in terms of how we write songs, and our chord structures, as well as being inspired by the strong women in some of those bands but we try to put that through a more current filter too and want to embrace modern production etc. We don’t want to be a pastiche act. That’d be fucking boring

Favourite show you’ve played to date

Eilidh: Camden Rocks. I think it was our third show. It was dark and sweaty and all about the vibes.

Camilla: We’ve only played 3 shows so there’s not much to go on yet, but I second Camden Rocks for the sexy audience vibes.

Samantha. Always the last show we’ve done, because we’re getting better as the shows go on and are getting wilder

Is there a debut EP or album in the works at the moment

Camilla: Yeah we’re brewing up a witch’s cauldron of treats to come.

You’re next supporting a show with The Naked and Famous in October and playing Neighbourhood Festival.. Any more things to look out for before the year ends?

Camilla: We’ll be announcing a bunch soon. We’re excited to get sweaty with everyone

How would you describe your sound in three words




Camilla: Despite there being literally only one set of balls around. Vaginas are tougher than balls anyway

Anything else you’d like to pass on to the readers

Camilla: I’d maybe like to pass on my cat to them. He’s an evil little asshole. Does anyone want him?