BOOM! : Arro Jones ‘Fever’

BOOM! : Arro Jones ‘Fever’

Having released his debut single ‘Fever’ a few weeks ago, his music is already starting to see increased internet attention and support from listeners around the UK.

GIGsoup caught up with the emerging synth-pop act Arro Jones and talked to him about plans for his live shows, his creative process in the studio and handstands of course.

You handled a lot of the production and songwriting all yourself with the help from Jack Beech, could you go through your process of how you combined songwriting and production to get the finished track?

I come from a songwriting/live background so a lot of my songs start on the guitar. With ‘Fever’ the guitar riff and vocal melody came to me pretty quickly one day and I automatically heard the full production in my head with that 80’s, pulsating vibe. I was messing around with it but then forgot about it for a while, until one day I recorded the guitar riff and played the bass and drums in which gave it the groove I was looking for and I knew I was onto something. The lyrics, which had been eluding me except for the chorus, came towards the very end when the feel of the track had become clear. I recorded everything at home except for one or two guitars, which I did with Jack. Then when I was happy with the arrangement I took it into Jacks and we worked on adding some layers to the drums and mixing it. He also had the idea of adding a repetitive clicky bass sound, which you can only hear if you listen very closely but it added a lot of movement to the track.

I could hear a lot of immersive dark pop sounds in your style with similar vibes to Jai Paul. Do you think you will explore different genres in future?

I explore different genres all the time and when more music comes out I think any comparisons people make based off this track will lose their meaning. I do like the darker side of music though and this track definitely fits that vibe.

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Does your inspiration happen quite naturally or do you have to focus on a narrative to get a creative spark?

I think inspiration is always there it’s just a matter of letting it flow. The more I write the more it flows. The flow has to be filtered through my mind which means that my current experience comes out in the narrative of the song, but my experience doesn’t inspire creativity it only gives it a focus. I’ve never had a time in my life when I haven’t written songs so I don’t think the narrative is the catalyst. Writing songs is like digging for lost treasure to me, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, or where it is, but when I find it I know and everything becomes easy from then on.

Are planning to play live soon do you think you would play with a full band live?

Yes I love having people to bounce off on stage and I want to create the full sound live so it’s going to be me and one or two others, I could turn into a one man band but that doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t like to complicate things live, I just wanna put everything I’ve got into playing guitar and singing the songs. The less technology the better, save that for the studio.

Fever seems like a song that would be perfect for cruising down in a city at night. You’re also based in the busy city of Manchester. Do you enjoy what the music scene offers there? And do you collaborate with other musicians in the area?

The feel of the track actually comes from driving through LA at night when I went to play a few shows out there last year. As for Manchester it’s got loads of good music, it’s diverse but everything overlaps, the acoustic, hip-hop and indie scenes aren’t all separate for example, which is good for me as I take influence from all of them. I am collaborating with a few artists at the moment on a collaboration EP, which is coming together in between working on my own stuff.

What’s something everyone should know about Arro Jones?

I’m sick at handstands.BOOM! : Arro Jones ‘Fever’

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