Today’s Track of the Day comes from brother and sister band ‘Ardyn’. We talk to the band about the new single ‘Over The River’ and it’s beautiful accompanying video

There’s a history of great sibling music acts, from Oasis to Heart, but from a quick google search there’s actually not a lot of precedence for brother and sister acts, beyond (shudder) The Carpenters. Ardyn are here to add to the canon with their more dramatic take on Beach House-style dream pop. They’ve just released their new track ‘Over The River’ – their first new music since EP ‘Universe’ back in November 2015. It’s a really pretty song with some sublime vocals, courtesy of sister Katy. Brother Rob does the understated, light and Summery guitar work. They’ve been making music together since they were just ten years old and they’re somehow not totally sick of each other. The striking video for the song was filmed in Iceland, a which seems designed to offer dramatic scenery for film making. Check out the interview and song below.

When and why did you come up with the name Ardyn?

It was last year and we needed a name for what we were doing. We have a long lost family relative that we met around that time called Ardyn, she’s an artist and has an amazing house. We were sat in her garden feeding the peacocks a piece of fruitcake, and we had a brainwave that her name would be perfect for our music

You’re a brother and sister combo. Everyone knows siblings like to fight, do you have that kind of relationship? How do you avoid the temptation to strangle one another when you’re on tour or in the studio?

We try to have as much space in our togetherness as possible, and of course we fight all the time but we feel reassured by the consistency of our arguments at least. We actually work really well together so it never becomes an issue as the music is more important to us both.

Who are your biggest musical influences/inspirations?

Kate Bush, because she’s such a strong female leader that’s not afraid to break boundaries and her artistry feels timeless.

Amy Winehouse. When we were younger, we used to listen to her all the time, her voice is so unique and every time you listen you get something different from it.

The Beatles. especially the revolver album, every song is so strong and its a testament how to put an album together with all killer no filler

The video for ‘Over The River’ is absolutely striking, where was it filmed?

Iceland. Such an incredible place – every landscape is so striking, so we felt like it really fit with the track.

What do you two do when you’re not being musicians?

To be honest, all we do is music, but apart from that we both like to surf down in Devon and see our friends who are dotted around the UK.

Plans for the rest of 2016?

We are really lucky to be playing lots of festivals this summer we’ve never done before, we’re particularly excited for Latitude, Secret Garden Party and Green Man. We’ll be releasing an EP before then, taking a trip to LA to do some writing and hopefully recording our album.

This Ardyn article was written by Nick Palmer, a Gigsoup Contributor

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