BOOM! : Ali Horn 'Days Like Today'

BOOM! : Ali Horn ‘Days Like Today’

Ali Horn launches his debut single  Days like today on 7 April.  It’s a hazy, multi layered psychedelic summer trip to the seaside of a song.

The Liverpool based artist will be pursuing a solo project as well as maintaining his position in the established guitar outfit, Strange Collective. It’s going to be a busy few months for him as he is due to appear at the Sounds from the other City Festival and make his debut on the Emerging Talent stage at Liverpool Sound City Festival.

GIGsoup recently reviewed his last gig at Edge Hill University and were suitably impressed, or more aptly entranced by his performance.  Bearing in mind that his new band includes a current member of Strange Collective, we are curious to know how will this work in the event of possible live appearance clashes. Ali is playing “Sounds from the other City Festival” Manchester on April 30, as well as the Strange Collective who are due to play Festevol Gardens, Liverpool on the same day. 

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Will you be dashing up the M62 and back on April 30 to play both gigs?

Oh yeah for sure, I can’t wait. We’re playing at 5.30pm in Manchester and then 2am in Liverpool so we’ll have plenty of time. It’ll be a long day but fun as well.

Can you describe your unique sound for us? 

I’m not really sure it’s unique. I draw on a wide variety of influences and fail horribly at trying to recreate the sounds of BJM, Girls, Spiritualized, AIR but I guess that lands me in a different place. I love to use guitar effects to model the sound in different ways and try getting my guitar to not sound like a guitar.

Is it difficult to establish and maintain a signature sound that is different to that of Strange Collective?

Obviously it’s me playing in both so the way I play is the way I play, I think the new project is less raw and in your face and I’m trying to concentrate on the actual songs rather than the style but I think people can read my guitar playing influences like a book. It’s all about that early garage rock n roll sound.

Congratulations on making the bill for Sound City.  What does it mean to you to be playing at this festival?

Sound City is great, I’ve played it loads over the years with different projects so I’m made up to be playing this year with this project. The whole weekend is great and it’s really nice to have so many friendly faces in one place.

What can we expect from your live performances this summer? Will they include psychedelic projections like at the Edge Hill gig?

The projections at Edge Hill were amazing and it would be cool to sit down with some more visual artists and properly plan a light show. I’m really into the combination of words and music and light and art, I think it’s really important, but it’s very dependent (unfortunately) on budget. Also if I’m playing outdoors then there’s not much point of having any projections. I reckon I’ll just cut up a bed sheet with my name on it. 

Who is your musical inspiration?  Past and present?

Jeez, there’s so much. I love music from every era and I think I’ve been informed by many different artists. I’d say at the moment I’m listening to the Dirtbombs, Compulsive Gamblers, early Verve, Herman’s Hermits, Dandy Warhols, the Cribs, Moon Duo etc

You are currently busy writing new material.  Have you enough songs suitable for an album yet?

I write every day, there’s loads there for an album. Just need the time to play it and practice them with the band. Saying that, most of the tunes I write are real scrappy, either just parts or even just a couplet or something so they need a bit of work.

I think I’ve got about 15 tunes I’m kinda happy with at the moment that I’d put forward for a record but there’s loads more that need some rejigging.

What are your plans for the future in relation to recording and performing live?

I wanna be recording as much as possible over the next few months be it DIY in my room or doing a proper record in a real studio, I don’t really mind which, I just gotta keep getting these ideas out of me.

You are a keen surfer.  Where is your favourite place to surf and where will you be going on holiday this year?

I wouldn’t say keen, but I do enjoy it, I just got back from Corralejo and did a little bit out there. I used to go a lot in Cornwall when I was a kid. I remember forcing my mum to drive me down to Newquay in November so I could go. The weather was horrible and the waves were choppy as fuck but I still had fun. I’m heading to Italy this summer to Beaches Brew. The Oh Sees, King Gizzard, Shellac and loads more are playing. I’m going with my best mate and a few other friends so it should be ace.

Ali is certainly one to watch over the coming the months.  Catch him live at the following gigs:


30 Sounds from the other City Festival, Manchester


27 Sound City, Liverpool

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