BOOM! : Acres ‘Lonely World’

Aptly describing how vast their musical power spreads simply with their own name, post hardcore, melodic rockers Acres show a raw honesty with their latest track ‘Lonely World’. Their striking way of conveying emotion through metallic riffs and pop punk vibes is mesmerising, and pays a tribute to the very world that exists around them. We caught up with vocalist Ben Lumber to find out about the Acres story so far and what the rest of the year looks like for the quartet.  

Just to kick us off, can you introduce yourselves, and tell me the story behind the name ‘Acres’.

Hi, my name is Ben and I’m the vocalist for Acres. The name came from when we used to drive past a road called ‘Longacres’ on the way to practice and we decided that Acres sounded cool.

Can you give us a brief history of Acres, how did this magical journey come to be?

Mostly through other bands, Alex knew Theo from a band he used to play in. I got asked to join after the guys found my old band and Konnor was recommended through another friend in a band!

How would you describe your sound to a drunk stranger?

Recently we’ve been described as Cinematic Post Hardcore and I think that’s a pretty good summary. But I can imagine explaining that to someone drunk would be quite a handful! 

Let’s dive in to the song itself: ‘Lonely World’. It’s a remarkable piece that subtly builds into an astonishingly mighty rock anthem and its raw lyrics hit you deep in the chest, we absolutely love it! Can you give us a little insight into this track and how it came to life?

I actually wrote this song about a close friend of mine, he was going through a pretty shitty time and ended up losing pretty much everything. I let him live with me for a few months to get his head straight and one night we were drinking beers, talking and he said “it’s a lonely world” or something on those lines. The next day the song was born! 

The video for this fabulous track has a hauntingly dark aesthetic that complements the tone of the song perfectly. How did the idea of filming in Latvia come about?

We had a really good vision of what we wanted the video to look like and the concept behind it. Also, we all knew that we really wanted to work with Pavel at TRE FILMS. When we approached him, he was super into the ideas and the song. He showed us possible locations in Latvia and we were blown away by it and just knew that we had to make it happen. 

How important is it to have a sense of identity in the music world? Or is making music that is true to you of greater importance?

I guess identity can be cool, but for me, as long as you’re making music that makes you happy that is all that matters. When a band is touring, you have to play these songs every night for weeks on end and I couldn’t think of anything worse than playing music you hate.

Is there anyone you’re excited by in the music world at the moment?

There are some really killer bands out there right now doing great things for British music: Holding Absence, Dream State, Parting Gift just to name a few. There are far too many to list but UK bands are killing it right now! 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We just announced we’re releasing our debut album and that will be released on August 9th. We’re also touring the UK and Europe with our friends in Casey and Gatherers next month, and we also plan on hitting the road a bunch more before the year is out!