Shapeshifter 'Stars'

BOOM! : Shapeshifter ‘Stars’

Boasting a full live band, New Zealand’s own Shapeshifter is a different kind of drum and bass act. 

The five piece have opted for more of a liquid drum and bass sound in their new single ‘Stars’ which is part of their upcoming full length album. With its 8-bit chitter and uplifting vocals, ‘Stars’ is designed to be an equally uplifting summer anthem. GIGsoup caught up Nick from the group to talk about ‘Stars’, their new album, and drum and bass.

‘Stars’ is the single from your upcoming album. Why did you pick this track in particular to be its single?

Nick: I think ’Stars’ is reasonably typical of our sound, and it has that bubbly kind of summer vibe going on. Just being winter here in the southern hemisphere we thought it would be a good end of winter track. Spring just around the corner, it hopefully gets peoples heads nodding, smiling, getting into party vibe.

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Is ‘Stars’ an accurate preview of the rest of the album? Is there an overriding upbeat tone?

There’s a range of emotions on the album, there’s some thoughtful tracks and there’s an angry track, but generally I think the album fits together nicely as a singular piece of work. It works well to listen to it from beginning to end.

Could you site some of your influences in creating this track?

I’m not sure if there were direct influences on this track that we consciously drew from – I guess it started out as a bit of a liquid roller but it sort of developed into its own beast. I guess people like Lynx, Calibre, Enei, Ritchie Brains, Sam Binga, Rockwell – Machine Drum are some of what we were listening to at the time. I think saying that, we’ve always strived a bit to stick to our own sound and not go for the fashion.

What has the reception been to the track so far?

Its been really good from what we’ve heard. Good radio play, people seem to like it and have given us some amazing feedback which is cool. We just can’t wait to release the whole album.

There’s a prominent liquid drum and bass sound featured in Stars, are you thinking of continuing and exploring this kind of sound?

Yea i think we always jam a bit of that style. But we do like to mix it up a bit but if thats what a song needs then we’ll push it that way for sure. especially live we will play a lot of that style but then amp it up even more.

This Shapeshifter article was written by Zoe Anderson, a GIGsoup contributor. 

BOOM! : Shapeshifter 'Stars'
Shapeshifter ‘Stars’